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  1. ok, it works now, the only thing I did was deleting the 7dtd files with out uninstalling from steam first then trying to play the game (with no 7dtd game files in steam) then from recycling bin restoring the files back to /common and now its works FYI i did try to fresh install 7dtd and darkness fall. Multiple times, i also did delete the 7dtd files in /common. and i wasnt trying to run other mods either I still dont know what i did wrong tho, but at least i got it working now.
  2. i still cant get it to load, normal 7dtd works fine but it has something to do with DF. im using the non-eac.exe file, i have unzipped all the files and moved 7dtd_data, data and mods into the 7dtd replacing the 7dtd_data, data and mods that are already in the folder. i have waited 1 hour the first time, second time waited 30 mins and nothing still happened. i just dont know what to do. btw sorry about the first page thing, my eyes and brain stopped communicating
  3. I can never pass the loading screen that takes you to the main menu. it just says loading... i left it alone for about 1 hour and nothing happened, i have tried to uninstall the game from steam and removed all the game files but it still doesnt load. I am going through the non eac. exe file (if you still need to do that) BTW would it be better for you to edit the first page with the latest version of DF. i come and go from this mod and sometimes i have to go back dozens of pages to find the latest version. i dont know how many people come and go from the mod?
  4. how to get rid of invisible blocks? im trying to build a 3 high wall, i can place the bottom and top blocks but not the middle, i know something is there because i can place the top block and it just floats there
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