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  1. Well guys, I lost track of time and had a very long night playing with the random world generator lol. I think I found my new seed, its so good I posted it in the official seed thread. Go take a look and happy hunting!
  2. The Best Random Gen Seed I Have Ever Created! Seed Name: Decillionaire Seed Generated County Name: Voluje Territory Seed Number: -527725406 World Size: 8192 x 8192 Game Version: Alpha 19.3 (b6) Discovered: Jan 26, 2021 Traders: 8 (I Believe...) What is SPECIAL About It: Just take a look at the pictures, it is a MASSIVE city-world, more large cities and more huge, high-tier POIs than Ive ever seen in any world I've ever played on since I bought the game 5 years ago. I spent several hours looking at other top-rated seeds and then generating m
  3. What is up guys, its time for the final update for this thread. Ive got one last treat in store. I decided to record the 5th Blood Moon (Day 20) using the Radeon Re-Live feature and threw it up on YouTube so I could link it here. It will be at the bottom of this post. This seed has been amazing, Over the weekend I binged on the game a bit and now Im quite far. Survived the 4th horde (Day 16) without taking a single hit after putting in iron doors and cobblestone blocks. However, the 5th Blood Moon (day 20) didn't go as well. I didn't change some of the blocks from rein
  4. Dig a Trench around the three sides you don't want them to attack. Have the trenches shallow out towards the path you want them to follow so any that have fallen in can walk out on the side you want them to be on. Trench should be at least 2 blocks wide and 4 blocks deep so they can't just stack and go right through it. Line the inner edge with spikes so any who try to climb out towards the base take damage. This is just for funsies and bonus points though lol.
  5. Hows it goin guys? This will be my second-to-last update on this thread. Played through the Day 12 Horde today, but unfortunately died legitimately for the first time. My first death was utter BS, I was on a tier ONE "Clear Zombies" quest when two freaking Bears broke into the house simultaneously on like Day 2 or 3 when all I had was a pointy stick and a bow. There was nothing I could have done, I just heard a growl and there they were, behind me and in the living room of the house with me. This second death was legitimate. I under-estimated the third blood moon. I figured it woul
  6. So I played through day 8 today, saved and quit just before the second Blood Moon is set to begin. Ive started to build my own base but its not ready yet so the water tower temp base has undergone emergency repairs for blood moon night. I run normal days with a Hunting Rifle, Blunderbuss, and Crossbow to conserve more important ammunition for Blood Moons. Back at my temporary base I have a level 2 AK-47, Level 2 Double-Barreled Shotgun, and Level 2 Pistol as well as a Level 3 Sledge Turret which you will see further below in preparation for the Blood Moon.
  7. Nice man glad you are enjoying it. Right now Ive saved on the morning of Day 4 which for me is horde day. Hopefully Ill get to play here in a bit and see if I can survive in my improvised water-tower base. Ended up with a level 2 AK-47 by the end of day 2 by buying it from the big city Trader. But I don't have enough ammo for it so I believe I saved just before a clear zombies mission first thing in the morning so I can hopefully find a bit more ammo before focusing on base defences the rest of the day.
  8. Well this map is turning out to be Fantastic. I spawned in next to the Snow Biome and realized that it was to my East, indicating that my screenshot of the RandomGen Previewer was upside-down. Here Are my final settings for the playthrough: Here is my little starting Trader: The Desert Biome is in the South with the Wasteland in the North. This was confirmed by following the Snow Biome Border to the South-Eastern corner of the map, where I did indeed run into the Desert Biome. Be wary following this border, it is packed full of dan
  9. Been playing the game for years but got bored with the older Alpha Builds. Returned to the game recently and wanted a nice world seed where I could build a base in a great location so I wouldn't have to travel all over the map to find things to do. For a few hours, I played with random world seed names, just entering in random words until I found something I liked, some of them were quite hilarious names as well! What I settled on is shown in the pictures below that show you what I typed in and the resulting world name as well as the preview of the map. As you can see,
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