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  1. Your concerns are valid to a certain degree; as an example ill explain - suppose I start a new world and modify my save to give myself some resources, build a base, give my self a pistol with say 50k ammo. Then, a person joins my game, they will indeed face a disadvantage especially if my intention was to grief any whom join. However, each world is a save file, it would be impossible for me to modify my character joining another persons online game, for the save, is on their console. So in short, the bleed into mp will only exist within your own worlds, there is no way one could alter another
  2. So having support would grant us access to alter the gamestate file; I cant say for sure what exactly would be possible without working on it but off the top of my head we'd likely be able to do things such as this: Change item Ids; item/stack quantities, skill points, alter perks, modify health depletion, ammo capacity, weapon modification, day alteration, drop lists, coordinate teleportation, zombie spawn, zombie health etc, block property altercation, vehicle modifications. Probably alot more, but thats just a rough list. These things will also avoid the disabling trophies and achievement.
  3. So love the game on both console and pc - console is unfortunately dead however, given support by savewizard we could still salvage a little fun from the game while we await a next gen port of 7d2d or whatever if it even happens. If enough of us come together and make the request Im sure we'll have support which will open up alot of opportunities and increase the longevity of whats left of a great foundation. https://www.savewizard.net/support/contact-us-game-request/ follow the link and make the request please.
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