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  1. Guys just wanted to say thank you for creating such a stellar game! I know this isn't the place but appreciation where it's given y'know! You've been a gold standard IMO on how an indie team with a big following+EA game should sell themselves! PS: When's the next dev stream?
  2. True...just attach a hatch upside down and you can open close it just like the bottom ones, it'll actually be safer than the previous one hole design we normally use.
  3. Oh no...better get that AK-47 my Grandfather left!
  4. Better run while you can before our local SnowDog catches you...
  5. Spot on with that assessment! IMO I think the problem will be fixed since MadMole mentioned here on the forums that in A20 zombies will be able to pass thru one block!
  6. Would be funny if there was an Urdu/Hindi translation of this game, i'd probably do it for free since it'd be hilarious! Things like "Pistol" would be "Banduuk" and stuff like "Day XX" would become "Din XX"
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