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  1. Website: www.Teximity.com -- Server IP: -- Port: 7400 Summary: Teximity's 7 Days to Die server is a PvE community based server where players can either choose to survive on their own, or survive within the walls of our Save Havens built around the map. We are a completely vanilla server and also hosts a functional, completely custom coded PHP dashboard where many features lay. Teximity ran under a different name back in 2018 and had an average player base of 20-30 online at a time. We're inspired to grow the server further than it has ever
  2. Just like in Minecraft, I found a server plugin or mod (cant recall) that allowed me to enable a tool that was essentially the equivalent to the minecraft worldedit wand. It allowed me to place blocks by ID really quickly by choosing cord pos #1 and cord pos #2, I'd love to have that again as I'm building a server and it requires ALOT of bases and I can't seem to understand or get the hang of this prefab crap/it seems like a lot of extra unnecessary steps compared to this mod.
  3. Teximity Gaming A Community Based Server -------------- Hey everyone! Back a few years ago I ran a pretty successful PvE community based server where players could choose to live on a plot within the walls of a safe haven and work together to maintain the base from hordes. A few weeks ago I got the idea to boot the server back up, now that I'm in a better financial position. I took to Reddit to see if there would be a desire for such server and the feedback I got was incredible. I got so excited I managed to cram a months worth of website coding in j
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