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  1. Thanks for the heads up on that file... I'll extract and dig into those audio clips to see if there's anything I'd want to adjust, however, sadly I didn't find anything relating to the "a_nightfall_oneshot.wav" or "a_night_oneshot[1-6].wav"s that I'm currently looking at. In the games current state I'm not finding those files referenced within the vanilla XMLs so I'm thinking they may be hardcoded into the application and would require the assets/resource files to be manually tweaked as described above.
  2. I've dabbled into modlets before and decided to see how far I can take this one. With my children sometimes wanting to watch me game I run a game with Zombies turned off so it's purely survival, however, this doesn't address the loading screens or the 10pm nighttime sound (a_nightfall_oneshot.wav) along with the other misc sounds at night (a_night_oneshot[1-6].wav) that are found within resources.assets. I've already created a modlet to override the 4 loading screens with non-zombie backgrounds and now moved to the audio files... I know there's a thread going over how to edit that file by removing those sounds found here; However, my question/interest is if this could be replaced/updated with a modlet that just overwrites what assets/sounds are played on those events (or if it's a limitation with the game to use the information from that assets file). One approach I used was creating a custom resource/asset (containing a pleasent 10pm audio with blank misc nighttime audio) then updating the existing resource to point to my custom asset file but that still required altering the original resource file (which I'm trying to prevent). Is there anyway to create a Mod that supplies an alternative resource/asset file that clients would pull/download and use? That way if the mod folder is removed the game defaults back to the original one that hasn't been changed. This way I could create a copy and update the resources.asset file but then store it within my mods folder structure so it's easily managed. The next piece would be to look into the random corpses found (which I'm guessing that data resides in blocks.xml) to make them either transparent or non-existent so that while looting POIs I don't stumble across a bloodied corpse while the kiddos are watching. Also before anyone comes back at me... I know the game has a rating for older audiences, however, I feel that regardless of the players/viewers age that having the Zombies off should also at a minimum address the night time sounds being there are no Zombies around to make them. The rest of my goal seems easily enough to attain through the modlet structure.
  3. Could be a long shot but regarding the "randomization" seeming to be a pattern of sort in looting the houses / reward system in multiplayer... could it be as simple as the RNG wasn't initialized? I'm not too familiar with the Unity editor/programming, however, I have experience in the past with other languages that when calling for a random number it may appear random until you realize it's a preset pattern each time the application was loaded. For example... launch the application and call the randomized function 5 times which may return; 7, 3, 18, 6, and 1. It appears to be random at first, however, you launch the application a 2nd time and call the same function 5 times again resulting in; 7, 3, 18, 6, and 1. I then found the randomize function needed declared/initialized beforehand to truly be random. Once this happened then calling the randomize function 5 times would return, 8, 3, 16, 7, and 2. The next time the application was launched the same process would then yield; 13, 6, 9, 20, and 3 (for example). I bring this all up because I've kicked myself after realizing it was as simple as adding Randomize() before using Rnd() to get my expected results/behavior; ' Initialize RNG Randomize() ' Generate random value between 1 and 6. Dim value As Integer = CInt(Int((6 * Rnd()) + 1))
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