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  1. Well honestly I'm just glad it's been confirmed, better than not knowing if I was just going insane lmao, thanks a lot everyone
  2. Might have to just use HP ammo then....depends how my horde base turns out, then maybe AP ammo but damn...
  3. Well *hopefully* it's fixed soon but I doubt it, it's been this way for a loooong time now and nothing has changed Really sucks because having that 20% is super helpful...
  4. I've been here before (previous alpha) and they said it was fixed in a patch note so either I'm doing something wrong or they are. Basically the AP ammo says that it should do more damage to armoured targets since it ignores 20% of their armour, but when testing this in 'god mode' with cheats, the health bar goes down by the same amount when I'm using AP and normal ammo. I've tried this on a bunch of different zombies, with different weapons/ammo and by shooting them in different areas but the AP ammo still seems to not ignore that 20% of armour. However I didn't test the penetration, but even if that works, the armour mitigation doesn't. Please let me know if I'm just doing something wrong here, thanks!
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