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  1. I would love to see guns like .45s, P90s, Anti Material Rifles. And ammo additions as well as military mounted turret trucks, cars. I would also love to see boats. To navigate large bodies of water. Maybe some new aircraft???
  2. Hello I am UBCSCmdrBlack I am having trouble with my save files. I would like to have a backup copy of my worlds. I am using GeForce Now to play the game. Is there anyway to pull the saves from cloud? Thank you TFP. I love this game to bits I just don't wanna lose my worlds. I plan on leaving GeForce Now somewhere around July. But as I've said I need my saves. Any idea on how to go about doing that?
  3. I have a few ideas FP. I have been playing the game for a good while now and it seems there's more room for improvement. I was thinking being able to paint and mod vehicles add a car and semi or maybe even a motorboat More weapons like Grenade Launcher, Tommy Gun, p90, more rifles, different types of Ammo like .45 ACP or 5.56mm. Even grenades for the launcher. More character customization choices and different clothes.i would really love to see all of this in the game in 2021. My gamertag on steam is UBCSCmdrBlack thank you for your time and hopefully consider these ideas.
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