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  1. I would love to see more detailed and more satisfying damage displayed on the zombies/enemies. I would like to see bullet holes being left behind when shooting a zombie and stab wounds/cuts. It would be a lot more interesting if the damage you were doing to the enemies was more noticeable and realistic. I really hope this is something that can be implemented into the game some day. Is anyone else wanting this? For example: Think about Left 4 Dead 2 or Dying Light. Those games both do a good job of displaying the power and damage of the weapons you are using on the zombies. I would
  2. I would like to see more realistic damage on zombies when being shot, stabbed, hit etc. Like Left 4 Dead 2 there needs to be more visible damage shown on the zombies for example bullet holes and cuts. It would be nice to see better animations/reactions in the zombie's response to being shot, hit, stabbed etc. I feel like this would make shooting zombies a lot more fun, interesting, and immersive. For example it would be awesome if like Left 4 Dead 2 when you shoot the zombies with a shotgun, sniper or other high power weapon in the torso you literally make a hole in them. It
  3. Are there plans to make the damage shown on zombies more realistic? For example like Left 4 Dead 2 you can make bullet holes in zombies and cuts with axes and swords. I would love to see the addition of visible damage on zombies from the various weapon types. Bullet holes based on the weapon used. Smaller holes for smaller caliber weapons and larger for shotguns and high power rifles. It would also be great to see more realistic animations/reactions from the zombies being shot or hit. I would also like to see more blood from the zombies when damaging them especially from high powered weapons.
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