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  1. 4 hours ago, notAnormie said:

    Hey love to see the mod and all but the file is in your trash? Thanks in advance.

    No, it is ok. I actually updated the mod, uploaded the new file and I think the link expired. Try again, it is updated now. :)

    Oh, I'm going to post a bigger update in a few hours. Thanks!


    Here's the new link:


  2. 1 hour ago, arramus said:

    I see. It looks like the 'drinkJarGrandpasLearningElixir' which gives the +20% XP buff was removed. I don't recall ever seeing the ability to make the 'drinkJarGrandpasForgettingElixir' reset drink and only saw it as a purchaseable item. Maybe I wasn't paying attention enough.

    Oh, sorry, I misread your post and read Forgetting instead of Learning. Yeah, the Forgetting one was never craftable and I plan to make the Learning one trader only, but with some rebalance. Make worth the dukes, am I right?

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  3. Thanks for your comment! All the recipes that were removed were indeed subjectively chosen, but I tried my best to justify their exclusion, gameplay-wise. Grandpa's Ferget'n Elixir seems an item that should be rare and valuable (considering its price), and on the vanilla game is crafted using items that are relatively cheap and easy to find. I couldn't find a workaround on how to rebalance that, and decided that the best option would be the removal of the recipe altogether for now.


    I would really appreciate your opinion in any mistake I could have made.

    3 hours ago, arramus said:

    I can see the logic in many of the changes but also understand re-balance can mean total removal; Grandpa's Lern'n Elixir being one. Any opinions I make would be purely subjective and there will be players who appreciate the choices you made here. Technically, very tidy indeed. Thanks for sharing your first public 


  4. I want to present yourselves the Alaszka's Food Rebalance, my first mod made to public.

    This mod aims to rebalance how food, drugs and drinks work on the game, creating purpose for some long forgotten items on the consumables list. This is the release of the first module, that adjust recipes. To access the list of all the changes made, there is a changelog.xml file inside the folder.

    I would greatly appreciate suggestion. Happy surviving!



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  5. Hi! I've been working on a modlet but I'm having trouble with the hardcoded limit of 5 items max for a recipe. I read somewhere (maybe on Undead Legacy topic) that it could be surpassed by using Harmony custom hooks to extend this limit. Could someone give me more information about how can I do it ?


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