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  1. As to not just repost what i replied to Roland with just refer to my post to him minus the "you've been polite" part cause of your "go educute yourself on wikipedia" snooty remark.
  2. I think a wardrobe feature would be amazing too, personaly I don't know why we don't already have a feature like other games where you can favorite pieces of armor and then equip them with one click. You miss understand what I mean by "allowed". I don't mean it in a strict sense as in the post will be removed if it is negative criticism, I mean that the general attitude of the memebers here from what I've encountered and seen from reading other post is that if its in any way negative towards the game forum members will try to discredit or marginalize the poster by sayi
  3. This will more than likely be my last post on the matter since no one seems to understand what I'm warning about in this update. Everything in my post has bee nothing but facts: player will have to carry multiple sets of armor now IF they want to accomplish what they use to be able to do. Gameplay will become more tedious having to manage armor sets and a bloated imventory. More of the players time will be consumed just to do tasks that otherwise were accomplished fairly quickly. All the replys I've gotten are nothing but "Well we don't kno
  4. While the current clothing doesn't give any direct bonus some like cigar and goggles do give stats. For example I have lvl 6 strenght then use a cigar to get 7 so I can get 5/5 Miner 69'er and 5/5 mother lode and save 2 points and use them else where, same for perception, the new system does away with these since now we only have 4 amor slots. So now I'll lose those attribute points and go down to 4/5 in those perks and others. Which means I will have to spend time (again the theme of my posts is concern over making players waste more time just to do what we were already
  5. I understand what your saying, maybe i was explaing it from the wrong angle. Yes you dont have to use the armor to do those things but inorder to get the same amount of resources that we can get now you have to use the armor sets. So not using them means your getting less so it takes more trips to make up the difference therefor taking up more time to do the same thing. Also simce you said yourself these bonuses are not essential then why remove the entire old armor system for this new one?? Why not just add the armor sets in and keep the old system as well. I'm not s
  6. I never said anything about gaining or losing bonuses, also saying I'm being forced to do something does not automaticly invalidate my arguement especially when its true, let me explain. I'm the gather/builder in our little group my daily routine is; harvest the crops, chop wood, then mine ore and skin any wild life I come across and also loot some poi's here and there. Now with the new armor system I'm going to have to carry at least 5 sets of armor (4 pieces per set =20pieces in total,thats alot of inventory space),with me just to do what I'm already doing without it. One
  7. I feel like you didn't even read my first post, everything you said i didn't do, I did. Not being constructive or leaving a alternate solution? I left a suggetion of an alternate way to go about uncluttering. State my issue? Felt like that was was evident, even since I did state multiple time that the issue is the new armor system and did inform the reader that it was cause of consent armor swapping that would waste the players time. Also I don't think you know what the term "wall of text" is. Its not a post that just has alot of typing, its a po
  8. I didn't curse or yell, I simply voiced my opinion. I'm not going to sugar coat it just to spare the devs feelings, their big boys and girls they can handle negative feed back. You may think I was being "mean" but I say i was being passionate, passionate about a game I and many other love and enjoy. Being overly polite or massaging the devs isn't going to get them to see that the players are very much against the new armor system which is the #1 disliked change this patch by far. The whole point of this thread is to leave feed back for the dev team including negative
  9. Absolute garbage heap of an update. If the clothing system revamp is due to an effert to reduce clutter theres better ways to do it. You could get rid of the "parts" system ie. Gun parts, bow parts ect. since T6 items makes crafting those items useless and those "parts" just become junk. Instead you could have guns, bows, armour items require harvestable resources like iron, steel, wood and so on. If this decision is just to shake things up or TFP feel they have a better way to handle armour then they have lost their minds and will have succeded in killing the game i
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