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  1. I have to say, my fav A19 update (I think it's new to A19) is the markers that come up when you hit the final loot on quests that show you the area's you might have missed when it's a clear quest, it might be a little "immersion invasive" so to say, but it's so much better than searching around or even worse, going into god mode to find what you missed, love it!!
  2. Thanks! I just wanted to understand what happened, and now I do
  3. Thanks for the info, but does that include me? It was a single player game and I was the only one playing.
  4. Does time continue after death? I set my current game to 14 day horde nights, on day 42 (a horde night), I was getting everything set, but it was late and a Sat and to be honest, I had a couple of drinks and I thought I exited the game but I hadn't and when I looked (the following AM), I had died and had that re-spawn screen where you could start on your bedroll or near it. I re-spawned but it was now day 47! I have no idea what happened to the other 5 days, even if I lived through the horde (doing nothing), I can't believe I would live 5 days without eating or drinking. Does game time keep going after you die until you choose to re-spawn? Just curious as I've never see that before. TIA
  5. Thanks, I must have missed something because I cleared everything out again and reinstalled and this time the map didn't show up. There is still something out there though because my custom keymaps, vid settings etc were still there. Anyway, started a new game, haven't gotten far enough to craft a bike to see if I get two again, but I haven't had any crashes yet - fingers crossed!
  6. Folks, are the generated maps that go in the "GeneratedWorlds" directory stored someplace else as well? I really messed up my game, in short, I created 2 16k maps of the same name, one with Compo and one without, when I did this, both would appear in game. Since that point, I've started having crashes and losing my bikes on a reload. Another weird thing is, every time I craft a bike and put it down, 2 appear. So I uninstalled the game, I made sure the 7d2d dir under both the steam apps/common and the user/app data/roaming were both deleted. I then reinstalled the game, when I loaded it, 1 of the 2 16k maps was still available (not sure how this was possible when the appdata/roaming dir was gone and now re-created with the defaults and that 16 nitrogen map was not in the directory). I didn't even try to load it, I created a new 16k map and started playing that. The problem is, I'm still getting crashes and the double bike drop is still happening. I know I dug my own hole, I've played nitrogen maps and compo by themselves and never had a problem, everything started when I stupidly created 2 maps of the same name, but I thought I'd ask for any suggestions, even for a clean install (still don't understand how that generated map was still in the list after a reinstall). TIA
  7. Wow - just got to say, good come back!!! I wasn't a fan of A17 and only put a couple of hours into it before I gave up. A18 I've been loving so far, once again the next major version update changed the game enough to what "imo" was the wrong direction to a total positive. I'm still on the fence on one issue thought - A. I think the updates are by far too far between each other. I have hundreds of steam games and there isn't any that haven't been abandoned that go as long as 7D2D to update B. I love how much the game changes between updates, sometimes it ends up being almost like a totally different game! I don't know if I like games like Subnautica that updated almost on a daily basis (and most of the time you didn't know the difference unless you read the patch notes) or 7D2D where almost the whole game changes with a single update once a year or so.
  8. Thank you for this! I've been playing a long time and never came across this until I wanted to create an 16k map - I had no problem creating the map (took a little less than an hour) and no problem loading it, been playing the map for a couple hours now and I'm loving it!! Way better than the default!
  9. Sorry if answered elsewhere, but I have the same problem, got the helmet but I got no light, I have a flashlight and did the modify on the helmet but couldn't see any way to use it, are you guys saying I need a schematic?
  10. OMG - I'm only a few mins into a new A17 game, but I can't tell you how much I loved the fact that when I repaired my axe, it went back to the same slot on the taskbar/hotbar. I think I peed myself a bit!
  11. Sorry, sure its come up but when searching so many threads came up I could never find anything. One sad little thing I'd love to see is, when you repair a equipped item, the item goes back to the equipped spot instead of the next available sport in inventory. I know, small, minor nothing thing..... Just something I'd love to see and hope its in A17 TIA
  12. The rwgmixer.xml are the rules for "real world map generation", to enable the prefabs for the this mod, you have to replace the vanilla rwgmixer.xml, it's the only thing that exists in both versions of the game (I believe). If you want to go back, do like Magoli says and rename the one you are using now and do a steam integrity check on the game, it will find the missing file and download the core one, aka giving you vanilla again. Personally, the game isn't large and if you have steam it's a quick download if you have a good connection, what I have found myself doing over multiple alpha releases is: 1. delete the whole game from steam when a new alpha comes out (you won't lose saves or keybinds (although I'd be happy to lose the saves)) 2. install a fresh copy and play the new alpha until you are bored, them come to this thread and hope that Magoli has a updated version of Compo-Pack 3. If new version of Compo-Pack, download and install and play again to squeeze some more fun out of 7d2d 4. Wait under a new update and then repeat starting at step 1!!! JMO
  13. Ahh, you are using it for a better map layout, should have thought of that. It's a good idea and seems to be working, I haven't come across any that were in the middle of any town, they are almost always stand alone and often far from the city. - - - Updated - - - Stupid question, but you said you ended up with 2 rwgmixers and you deleted one, are you 100% sure you kept the one from the combo pack? Once you hit your first city/town it should be pretty clear if the combo pack is going, there are a lot of different buildings and they stand out pretty well.
  14. Thank you for this update Magoli, the town layouts do seem a lot better than the previous version. I've been coming back because I thought A17 would be close and this is the perfect filler until it hits. Out of curiosity (not a complaint), is there anything behind what is considered the rare POI's? I was wondering because a hit a few like the powerplants and rocket launch etc and although they are big (so there is a far amount of loot), I didn't come across anything you wouldn't see in a large common building etc, just wondering if it was off of the coolness factor of the POI or something else Anyway, again Thanks for the hard work!
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