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  1. Got 100+ dislikes from kuosimodo at least Without lotl u get 4 crop + 50% of seed, 1 seed = 5 crop => u got 6.5 crops in average spending 5 crops for seed Am I wrong? Im not sure now btw
  2. Then why are you whining? Speaking of whining, I remember one of the local people who argued that whining on this forum never leads to anything. Now recall that 90% of A20 complaints were related to the new farm, which, by the way, is positive, even without LOTL (for those who are friends with school mathematics). And what do we see LOL So go on to tell how the decrease of durability of blocks hinders to receive aesthetic pleasure, and not to cheat the game (I believe). Maybe the change will be canceled if there are ten more offended cheaters
  3. Bliss. Little fans of exploits and cheat-bases burned out
  4. Found some bugs in interaction with onjects in MP. 1. An attempt to drive someone else's locked bicycle leads to its repair, if there is a repair kit. 2. You can block any open container set by another player. But only the owner can unlock. Cop uses old model after self-detonation. Not bug, just interesting Just fancy rwg
  5. It seems to me, or did the night zombies not die at 04:00 before? Oddly enough, after their natural death, they leave sacks of loot.
  6. That's right. There is currently no point in specializing in normal play. Weapon perk bonuses are weak and boring, loot is generally better than what you can craft. Without a perk, you are not tied to a specific type of weapon. There are many perks in the game that can do more impact then 50% damage for 5 points
  7. I don't know why you guys are collecting parts. They cost good money and I always sell all the parts, getting a lot of money and exp. Because we cannot craft Q6 items. And for the mountains of money received, I can buy something like autoshogun/auger on the 7th day (secret stash OP)
  8. One of my no-death runs ended in the same way. It was unpleasant
  9. I just remember this moment from my first game in A19, we played three, two of us moved in a truck and one person on a motorcycle. And I rode a motorcycle behind a truck and the distance between us did not change. Hence the speed is the same. I agree that it can be difficult to drive a truck off the road. You can get stuck somewhere and so on, it happens. The motorcycle is better in this regard.
  10. Thanks for answer Even if I write down the names of the completed POIs, sooner or later (most likely sooner), all five proposals will be completed. He will not offer me POI on the other side of the world, if a similar one is closer. Therefore, I will have no motive to go to another city. And I will be trapped in several POIs located near the first trader. I did not understand how it interferes. Why not have a common global variable on each POI, which says that the quest in this POI is not available? No quests nearby? Someone else did all the work before you, so what? Plus it could be a non-coercive slider like loot respawn. I think it is normal that different game modes (SP / MP) use different game settings
  11. I understand that a motorcycle is more maneuverable and passable, but usually I prefer a truck, as I often play in a group. The conversation was about speed
  12. By the way, did you know that in this position they can hit through a wall one block thick?
  13. Not only would it be fun, but it would also be beneficial for balance. I'm afraid it will be the same story as with stone tools, which are much better than iron and low steel ones due to illiterate balancing of characteristics. The funny thing is that most often you do not have time to use high level steel tools due to the appearance of motorized ones. In the end, my standard game is Stone Tools -> Gas Powered Tools. Perfect balance. I'm playing without trader right now and I feel how valuable ammo is. I think they balance game for playing without trader 😁 Although all they need to do is nerf the awards and assortment. It's funny that I buy a thousand concrete in the first week and build a concrete base without even having a workbench (in game with trader).
  14. Don't jump off, I see what you mean here. And others too. And, OMG, I'm sure you went to check it only to prove that I was wrong It happens, lol.
  15. OMG would like to see less hate for finding a bug and you must apologize not for what you assumed, but for accusing me of blindness assuming I'm too dumb to see any little blocks in the air and supposedly QA shouldn't waste time on me because of this
  16. I also remembered about wolfenstein and the first cod
  17. 1. Does anyone know how to extend the blood moon? Here is my first blood moon at A20. The zombie respawn ended at ~ 00: 00. Too easy 2. Today I started a new game without a trader, a survivalist, 50% loot. The amount of ammo at the start of the game is roughly equivalent to what I might call survival. The ammo remain for emergencies only. This suggests that the number of ammo and grenades among the trader's rewards should be multiplied not by 0.5, but by 0. It would be cool to be able to craft "poor ammo" (with a chance of misfiring and lower damage) from inventory without a workbench to start the game, but without the crazy rewards from the trader. 3. It's still a shame that the classic vanilla game still lacks the incentive to explore the world. Robbing the same infinitely renewable POIs by a trader is very tedious. A setting is needed so that the trader would issue each POI only once and would never repeat it again forever/for a while/until any conditions are met (for example, all POIs in the world are fulfilled). Otherwise, the whole variety of POIs or the size of the world do not matter. A very serious Barter nerf is urgently needed (more precisely, a secret stash of a trader) @madmole please, give us a slider, see it while you are here!😂
  18. Yes, they do say things like that, but the bitter truth is that even if they didn't say it, you still wouldn't get what you want. Perhaps, if everyone complained with you in one voice, as they are now whining about a new very difficult farming, then someday you would have received a reaction, but this is not the forum. Here you will be showered with @%$# for saying that the bows are terrible, and then madmole will write the same thing and they will rejoice and put a monument to him for it. Any outside opinion is condemned, even if it is impossible to argue with its thesis. Sad, but true.
  19. I have fixed. The question is not what can I achieve by creating modifications and remaking the game for myself. The question is why TFP doesn't care about those who have learned to play and want difficulties.
  20. Everything is repeated over and over again. The person writes a post of 3000 characters, you both rip out one sentence again and cling to it trying to refute everything else with it, again. How funny. I guess "30 minutes" is an hyperbole, exaggeration. Do you know this word? And he is right about everything. The game gives much more than is required. The game is very easy.
  21. Yes, pipe machingun is OP in combine with endless ammo from trader. They could add the chance of misfire, laughable precision, add mechanical parts to the recipes to somehow justify the homemade auto-reload mechanism. Now we can create a not bad machingun just with few pipes and a board without any tools, just using glue😂 I understand that realism is not a top priority for TFP, but is it really the most elegant solution to give newbies an arsenal on day one? Autoshotgun T3, auger T3, M60 T3 on day 7 😁
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