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  1. Since, obviously, nothing of the proposed will never appear in the game, I reasoned that since I do not like the fact that the game forces me to repeatedly grind the same sad quests (because the trader's rewards are too high and it takes very little time to complete quests located close to the base) i have to simple delete the trader. So, 1. I removed all traders from the POI list 2. Installed the Undead Legacy mod (since it, among other things, removed the free opening of all important recipes in the game just for levels, here you can die of hunger and here there is at least some kind of death penalty. I think UL is best big mod btw) 3. Reduced the loot to 50%, disabled loot respawn, set the difficulty level Warrior (there is even no need for the Insane difficulty level at nightmare speed, without 600 rounds (for three people) for each completed tier 1 quest, it becomes quite difficult to play) And voila, the game became really fun and interesting. We've been surviving for 40 days now, looking for food, moving around a huge 12kmap, looking for a claw hammer to create a workbench (lol), all the time trying to figure out how to defend ourselves against the bloody moon based on what we have, do what we want instead of a stupid grind of quests, we have the option not to push the int attribute for the sake of the imbe perks associated with the trader (Barter and Adventurer). We save ammo, and this is my first time hunting with bow in this game and so on. In general, the game has become unrealistically cool. I advise everyone to delete the trader and play with real pleasure as true enjoyer.
  2. I believe that any explosive weapon in the game should be very much weakened, it should either do much more damage to blocks (not 5), or do much weaker damage to zeds, or should become very expensive. The best thing is it all at once. The presence of super strong and cheap pipe bombs breaks the game completely
  3. Has anyone watched the stream on September 8th? Did they share something interesting or just discuss twitch integration, sickening HD models and console controls?
  4. Do you think the upcoming update is worth 1.5 years of expectations, or will it be disappointing?
  5. Second patch for useless (only for me, I believe mostly all players use this thing) twitch integration looks like devs mockery ๐Ÿ˜ 2 months for localization
  6. You reminded me of one thing when my friends and I first played 7DTD we had a base in the form of a building with a fence around which there was a moat. And on one of the first nights, the zombies broke a tree that grew by the fence and it fell on the roof of our house. At that moment, I was simultaneously shocked and delighted with the genius of the game, thinking that the zombies deliberately knocked down a tree in order to use it to climb onto our roof. Unfortunately, after a few seconds the tree disappeared into thin air, and I got a little upset
  7. It was in A19, good tester
  8. Yes, but you will never meet a football player or cheerleader.
  9. but in life you do not meet clowns on the street, in life you only meet Festering Corpse Departed Woman and Infected Mother
  10. Logic elements AND and OR are the basis of electrical circuits, these are common, very common things called "relays". By the way, there is a relay in the game, but this is not a relay in its function. Sorry, but in fact, this device is much simpler and much more common than a drone and is often made on exclusively analog components.
  11. It seems to me, or did you not so long ago advocate for a self-made flying intelligent robot? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. the developers play with spears and brass knuckles, not with shotguns, so I guess not
  13. You are partly right, I would have preferred the old fat man in the Hawaiian shirt, but in the elaborate HD version instead of the new disgusting freak. But I disagree that this game is not in the horror category. There's just a difference between fear and disgust
  14. Please show me where I wrote about level design? I didn't ask for more points of interest
  15. I agree that completing high-level quests is very dull because of if you have a base, then regardless of the size of the map, you are forced to do the same quests over and over again. As a rule, of these several, 1-2 are chosen that are most convenient for grinding, and in the end you repeat the same POI until you get bored. As a result, the game gets boring very quickly. Here is my solution to this problem, but they are not very interested in it, they are interested in making a flying robot, lol. As if it would be much more fun to grind the same factory with him.
  16. The idea is to make the players survive in a survival game, but if all players lose all progress due to the rash actions of one player, then it is not likely to be fun. Considering that you need to spend 7 hours of real time to survive until the first bloody moon. And the goal of the game is have fun, not to create an esports team of bug exploiters. People should have the right to make a mistake in order to die in a bloody moon, roll back a day and say "okay, we did not cope, this is a challenge, we will do it differently" instead of "yes, we don't give a damn at all, we will die 50 times and still we will pass it through, it does not change anything" The meaning of the idea is that difficulties appear in the game instead of pseudo-difficulties. Yes, and I can also install the mod, change the game files, and so on. etc etc Why never? Think of single player games where you die and load at the last save
  17. I would really like to have a game mode with one life, but at the same time I would not like to lose progress due to accidental or stupid death. It is possible to create a compromise option - one life, but automatic saving at the beginning of each day. Thus, in the event of death, you do not lose all progress, but you do lose the progress of the last day. In addition, if you are truly incapable of surviving the bloody moon, then you will not be able to advance further and you will have to start over or try again and again. Thus, a survival component will appear in the game, which at the moment does not actually exist in the game. Difficulties will be difficulties, not pseudo-difficulties In multiplayer, this can be implemented in such a way that if at least one person in the group survived until the next day, then the rest will appear again. Or if at least one is killed, then all die. On the other hand, there may be different independent groups on the same server and I donโ€™t know what to do in this case. Most likely this option is unplayable for this mode.
  18. it is not clear only why it glows from the inside. is he a demon or a lava golem or is he still on fire? I think he must just be burnt like a coal in some places
  19. at the moment, their main problem is that they appear only when the player is tired of playing (he has all the best items etc)
  20. I think the fence should just have a trigger limit or not stun for that long. Darts should shoot much slower and deal less damage.
  21. but dart trap and electric fence can easily cope without a player
  22. The game already resembles Tower Defense considering AI zombies and the extraordinary power of traps
  23. They also need to add the need to urinate and poop, if you don't do this in time, you can crap during a fight with a zombie and get minus hygiene and plus psychic problems
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