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  1. The idea that information of discoveries would be shared is common. Now if we could share our exploration on our maps would be awesome, teams working together could explore better as a group. Weather they have to be next to one another to share this information or if it could be done like way points is another discussion maybe. The ability to share information like this would be key in any survival situation. If we could send (like way points), updates to friends/allies/all maps would be of great benefit and realistic . I'm sure this has been discussed before but i feel strongly i am not alone in my desire to see this, in the groups i game with this is our biggest fustration that we basically all have to explore the same areas as our fellow group members if we want to have a similar map and really slows and cripples our exploration and moving away from the main base of operations. Please consider some form of map share in your future updates. Thanks for a awesome game. (I know i'm a noob, with only like 2000+ hours in the game but hay, i'm still playing). Cheers
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