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  1. Our lives are not long enough for games anymore , back at the old days you knew nothing and boom a game comes out . Now you get informed every single day that the thing that you will enjoy at the future . . . . . . you maybe dead until then 😛
  2. My friend , in real life you can survive 30 to 40 days without food , but without water you die in a couple of days .
  3. Does it , wow i didn't know that , nice call.Cheers
  4. I wanted several times to post an image , for a bug report or for whatever. But the image i post is showing as link and i needs to be clicked to be shown , as i see others that show up straight away. How can i do that also . Thx for the help in advance.
  5. It's not i think the ''why'' factor , it is the attention i want the devs to have on things to fix them , it is just something that needs fixing
  6. It's confirmed , i don't know what i have done but yesterday i packed Nitrate for the first time and it gave me 18000xp. Even if it is a book that i read it is still way off balance. OOHH first try it was at the latest stable version and yesterday i moved to 19.4 b3 and i've done it with Nitrate.
  7. Try different material and you are good for another ride.
  8. Dunno , needs fixing. I reported it at the bug section.
  9. The exp. given everytime is less but it is going so slow that at the end you are a couple of levels up . PLUS different material starts the whole thing all over again .
  10. Yes i've seen it myself , they are just chilling and after you shoot them they become more aggressive ( not talking about the sleepers ) . These are the ones that have always their eyes glowing and they need more beating up to die and these are the ferals. Dunno really maybe you can't make these guys walk .
  11. So last night i was meshing with my chests , to make some room and organize a bit my stuff. I had stacks of 6000 materials like rocks , wood etc. So when i tried to pack a 6000 stack when i did it , it gave me 18000xp , then i started packing all the materials that were able to get packed/stacked or whatever this called and do it over and over and over . . . . pack , unpack , pack , unpack and from 40 level i got into 42 level in 2 minutes . Then i stopped because this was way to silly for me , i think this needs fixing , packing/stacking staff it is something that should not give exp AT ALL .
  12. I think you need to provide more information , when this happens ? It happens randomly or at a specific time/situation? After that the world still ''lives'' or it freezes ? Do other buttons work , like Esc ? In creative mode or as an editor , i found my self hitting some buttons that change these things like the character does not move but i see a cursor moving , or all together it stops moving , do you play in creative mod ?
  13. I think it's when some zombies are feral , this zombies run even at day time .
  14. READ THIS IF YOU STILL TRYING: Link to y post : https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/23356-i-see-a-lot-of-talking-about-food/
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