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  1. I'm playing only single player so i'm not aware of the multiplayer issues wich may be bigger , sorry for that.
  2. If i remember correctly it's the survivor overhaul. My goal is to make killing the horde something desirable , not for joy only but for profit , even if that is money or loot or some special currency that will give you access to some special goods at the trader . So the main picture i'm trying to draw is zombie kills=profit .
  3. I've been interested in your hardcore mode lately , you've done a good job it seems . I'm trying to make the game harder to a point that certain ''Exploits'' lets say won't be enough for you to survive. I have an idea though , if you kill all the zombies that a blood moon spawns then you get a reward that is essential to continue playing , this way you must survive AND kill the horde instead of trying to avoid it if you are not ready for it .
  4. ... and if you close the game zombies will still fight whatever you have built until there will not be a stone upon stone.
  5. Last night i had a blood moon in game , i was in a fairly new game 28 days in . I've amped up the difficulty to survivalist because for some reason i always find ways to trick the AI but it looks very silly , so i decided not to do silly stuff this time. I had a small base , made out of iron bars and an iron door , i usually fortify alot the door because zombies usually love my doors. This time though 1 zombie everytime was doing its own thing , he went for a random iron bar and once he had it a little bit damaged the whole horde went there , and this time there was no ending to
  6. Yep i agree , that happens to me . Sometimes i get the same loot at multiple containers and i'm not playing with the loot on 100%.
  7. This is what i needed , i just want them to know things that their ''costumers'' experience , and then i will let the decision on them . I also insist that the above are not opinions just feedback , if in order to fix the things i mentioned you must have a 6Ghz Cpu to run this then ofcourse i don't want it. As for the knowledge of how hard is gaming development , i have a close friend that develops a game for years and i'm testing it every ones in a while , and i personally make machines out of scrap and i'm sure that i know how things can get complicated where you do not expect it .
  8. So they don't try to improve AI anymore ? Is it ready ? Of course not , they will try to do their best . This is what i'm trying to do . Ok so let's see , so the AI of a zombie is trying to find a path to guide the zombie to the player . The player is on a rock that the zombie can not jump on because of the height . 1) If the AI guide the zombie to the players place ONLY horizontally and at the moment it hits an obstacle and there is no other way to go, then make the zombie to hit that obstacle and not the weakest block nearby which is a tree that has nothing to do with the sit
  9. Like a BOSS . . . . . in the middle of an apocalypse crisis. !!!
  10. Because i have tried it in real life , the bucket caches very little at a normal rain . I saw that you can fill a bucket with water in vanilla game , haven't really tried it yet so i don't know what you can do with it.
  11. I don't feel like i'm destroying my game experience , i just want to feel the need for survival . If you are scared about what's coming and you try to prepare, you kind of forget you are in a game but with these things it kind of ruins the immersion. Also for the first one i said about using wooden bars , last night i played, same thing happened , zombies just run around without even hitting blocks , and i don't think that this is what developers want. I've never recorded gameplay before but this time i may try it , I also did a mission were i had to kill some female zombies and when
  12. Because in games and at hardware i'm good but at software i suck big time , i don't know how and where to go to install this mod , i'm interested in it .
  13. some of them are really interesting lol
  14. I agree , and i understand that most of people have not wasted their lives at games such as me , and they struggle sometimes with the game . My inner complain is ( because i like the game alot ) that i could stuggle to survive , and even if i push the difficulty to the highest , i can still find ways to avoid the danger and the threat of a blood moon . I did name them exploits because i would never believe that the above mentioned are ways that the devs wanted their game to be played. ( there are alot more exploits as i call them that i did not mention. ) Anyways go
  15. So i'm playing the game for about 50 hours now and i always come across exploits that i can use to make blood moons a walk in the park , but to be honest i like it better when survival is not easy. 1) I can do miracles with wooden bars , i just go to a large POI and at an open area i create a floor of wooden bars , the zombies then are just wondering underneath and i either kill them taking my time or i do nothing and wait. It would be nice to not have bars horizontally , or maybe make them so they brake when you step on them. 2) Just fortify you doors ,
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