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  1. Hehe, yes! It was not just too easy, but just a total cakewalk. I think we expected a totally different experience. No hate on the game or anything, but we are pretty casual gamers so just looking for a shortcut to that adrenaline-experience:)
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I am not sure I understand what it does. Does it increase the total amount of zombies and the max zombies at any given time during blood moon? (In addition to extending the duration to 12 hours as the description says)
  3. Hi friends! 3 buddys and I played this jewel of a game for the first time yesterday and had quite a blast. The only problem was that the blood moon was a bit of an anticlimax, we were really hyped for a horde and I think we got like 10-15 zombies in total? I’ve tried searching around for pointers on how to tweak the settings or even which mods to use to make these blood moons much more frigthening, but I havent found much. Mainly 4 year old threads. I understand that there is something about the gamestage and the game settings around how many zombies that can spawn at once, but I am a bit lost on how to do this. Any veterans out there that could give me a few pointers?
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