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    True Survival

    I had the same thing actually, no issue with the satellite or tissue analysis station. I think he modified existing POIs for those and created a new one for the Academy. Or something along those lines, I'm only guessing and have super minimal modding experience :).
  2. Xorian

    True Survival

    Is your world one that was generated before you started using the mod? That was my issue, and I actually didn't have any of the required POIs in my map. The easiest way to check is to fire up cheat mode and try to teleport to a given POI. Spider's has a unique name with his prefix in front (I can't remember off the top of my head what it was). In the end I just spawned the thing manually.
  3. Xorian

    True Survival

    Guess I need to update my other post . So the idea is that grain servings are solely from Wheat now? Also, this was your last patch but when leveling iron tools I had a scrap iron frame and would upgrade it then dismantle it, and I'd end up gaining scrap iron plates in the process (basically I'd end up creating scrap iron plates with this process). This didn't happen with steel, I'm assuming the iron numbers need to be lowered?
  4. Xorian

    True Survival

    You can change it into cornmeal in the mortar + pestle, then scrap THAT into grain.
  5. Xorian

    True Survival

    In terms of solo/offline play, will current 19.2 saves work with the 19.3 update? Do we need to wait on an update from your end before updating to 19.3?
  6. Xorian

    True Survival

    Hey Spider, First off, as posted 100 times here by others, add me to the list of people thanking you for making this mod. Definitely makes me laugh at vanilla and I've spent WAY too much time with your mod in past alphas and this one. I noticed a weird quirk with the blunt weapon leveling, it might happen to other weapon skills but I haven't gotten them up high enough. Once you get to 91 you seem to lose the attack speed bonus. The XML file seems right from my limited modding knowledge (I just viewed it, didn't edit anything), but I noticed the slowdown through 2 played
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