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  1. Okay....I have been working on this game & mod now for over 2 hours. I deleted the entire game & reinstalled it. The Ravenhearst menu screen pulled up. But I could not start a new game nor continue a game (which I didn't expect since I deleted & reinstalled main game earlier). But I got errors each time. I could get to the options menu & change audio options but it froze the entire game when I tried to get into the video options. **sigh** I rolled it back to 19.1 version of the game thinking it might be some updated code that wasn't jiving--nope. Same thing. I am thinking this venture was a lost cause. Any advice that can be given would be greatly appreciated. I have over 2000 hours in on this game & would really love to change it up a bit with this overhaul.
  2. Sabinlord....following your post because I have the exact same problem. I downloaded the Ravenhearst Mod Zip file & then moved it to my 7D2D folder--allowed it to overwrite all the files preexisting. Turned off Anti-cheat mode & launched. The FunPimps logo popped up & music played in background but wouldn't go any farther. Rebooted PC and even downloaded the mod again & moved it back to the file again. Nope, Nothing different. Was playing it earlier with no problem. Have installed mods in the past but this is the first one I have done that was a total overhaul. There aren't any instructions so I winged it.
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