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  1. Hello, We are working on a mod that uses DMT and wanted to include Romero Mod but the person I'm working with says we can't do it "without the scripts before they are compiled." Is this something you would be willing to publish? Thanks for any info. Oh and the mod we are making is something new that we don't think anyone has done yet and involves immersion but no changes of zombies, loot, or game advancement.
  2. This is a lot of what I was looking for. I will try it for sure, but you had me sold on the part where you said this was a survival game and not an RPG.
  3. I didn't play in the early days. Can anyone give me some idea what I'll be getting into playing this mod? It looks really interesting. From reading the thread above, I like the idea of only learning skills from finding books. I was thinking about making a mod removing the skills trees myself. My friends were asking if there is a feature list for this mod somewhere?
  4. Is it possible just to release the UI from this? I love the mod and play it a lot, but I would also love to have the UI for playing with my own set of mods. :) Fantastic job all around btw!
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