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  1. I played ESO for a while, so for me CP is champion points. The ESO forum is full of CP talk and I doubt anyone ever brought this up. 😆
  2. With the new biome adapted loot modifiers, there will be a reward to going to the wasteland (or any other biome than forest) early so experienced do have a reason to go other than self-made challenge.
  3. Voted "I don't care". I'd love more variety, but there are so many thing I would prefer them to address before that. Maybe they can do that in the last alpha (beta?) before gold. If they never do it, it's fine with me too.
  4. Enable people going towards rifle and pistol to have an early weapon. Also removes the weird blunderbuss (will always have a place in my heart though for the 3+ blunderbuss strat) from the game. To me it's significant and interesting. Early days are the most stressing days outside of blood moons. We can agree to disagree.
  5. Actually, I'd love if they'd update it as soon as the pipe weapons are working, then another one when the biome/loot update is done and a final one when the RWG is tweaked (or whatever order they come in). To me, those 3 updates are game changing enough to warrant a patch by themselves. Right now, my single player playthrough is at a point where I'm pretty comfortable (day in the 40s) and haven't really felt the need/urge to play it or start over. My multiplayer is on pause due to my brother being away and unable to play the game right now. Not sure I'll play again bef
  6. Lots of outdated tip and footage. Do not recommend.
  7. Problem 1: Blunderbuss is the only gun you are supposed to find before game stage 12 unless you are lucky and find a toilet pistol. Pistol, hunting rifle, double barrel shotgun, AK47 start at GS 12. It's all explained in the release notes. Problem 2: It happens. Look for a working one in some POIs. Problem 3: Don't get hit. If you are getting hit to near death every POI, you might be playing at a difficulty too high for you.
  8. Even if all the tips were accurate, re-using A17 footage can lead to misinformation, like when you see him repair tools with forged iron.
  9. What you propose would basically make your base impervious to blood moon barring them going through the whole bottom inner wall and collapsing your base. I don't know why you would want that.
  10. What about when you encounter feral zombies? Did you set them to walk as well?
  11. The game really picks up when you get the bike. Obviously, the longer it goes, the more exciting it is until you reach the wall at which you just start a new game.
  12. Bought! Now just need to convince him to play long enough to get past the first few slow days/nights 😄
  13. Is there any news about another Steam sale? There's been one every month for the past 3 months. Or maybe it's only going to be for A20? Trying to bring my brother in and it being 66% off would sure help a lot. I'd buy it for him whether he wants it or not at that point.
  14. Gives great XP for a few time and eventually drops down to no XP.
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