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  1. What you propose would basically make your base impervious to blood moon barring them going through the whole bottom inner wall and collapsing your base. I don't know why you would want that.
  2. What about when you encounter feral zombies? Did you set them to walk as well?
  3. The game really picks up when you get the bike. Obviously, the longer it goes, the more exciting it is until you reach the wall at which you just start a new game.
  4. Bought! Now just need to convince him to play long enough to get past the first few slow days/nights 😄
  5. Is there any news about another Steam sale? There's been one every month for the past 3 months. Or maybe it's only going to be for A20? Trying to bring my brother in and it being 66% off would sure help a lot. I'd buy it for him whether he wants it or not at that point.
  6. Gives great XP for a few time and eventually drops down to no XP.
  7. This is also his 3rd hit and run thread about A19. Personally, I enjoy A19 quite a bit. The biggest problem I've run into is finding a crucible (which I ended up finding around day 40). Only thing that is really missing for me is actual people to play with. 😅 Food can be scarce at the start, but as other said just loot kitchens and do buried supplies for food and recipes (or put a point in master chef if you are desperate). If you find Bob's boar and have the grilled steak recipe, you are set for days.
  8. https://community.7daystodie.com/bug-test-1/ There's a bug section.
  9. I got all my current steel tool from rewards/looting too. I could have crafted them earlier if I had the crucible though (or went around and dismantled every single street lamp light on the map). RNG gotta RNG though. One time I found the crucible schematic on day 1 or so.
  10. I mean, you can technically have steel tools a few days in if you get all the right schematic (forge, workbench, crucible and steel tool). And sometime you're at GS100+ and haven't found the needed schematics. In my current game, I found my first crucible (the item, not even the schematic) on day 38 and since day 28 I was scouring aggressively for it, going to all the 7-8 traders I had located at every restock and looting every crack a book/working stiff related places I could find on the map. Felt great when I found it in a fire station next to the trader I was waiting
  11. Tech 0 (Stone age) - GS 1 to 11 Tech 1 (Iron age) - GS 12 to 49 Tech 2 (Steel age) - GS 50 to 91 Tech 3 (End game weapons) - GS 92 and up Of course, you have an overlap between techs so you will still find some tech 0 even in Tech 1+ but it should be high level.
  12. Could be an idea for Darkness Falls to go with their laser guns and power armor.
  13. Or you go up the ramp outside, chop a block and get the stash. As other have said, hidden stash are only "hard" to find the first time you do. Afterwards, they would become easy uber loot. After doing POIs for a while, you know where stashes could be even in a new POI.
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