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  1. One is Str-based, the other is Int-based. Do both if you want, or just one. I like that there are options to have the same in-game effect by different means with a different stat.
  2. If you have a large map, yes.
  3. I feel your pain. Not sure if you knew, but you can use your axe on many of the backpacks, purse bags, coolers, and garbage bags around the world and use those for storage until you are able to make better storage. Agreed that it doesn't make a lot of logical sense, but it is a "feature" that impacts progression... it is what it is.
  4. I am fairly certain that with DF, the primitive bow can only use stone and scrap iron arrows.
  5. I always liked it because it helped me know when something was dead vs just being stunned.
  6. Every time I log into the game, I issue the console command "gfx st budget 0" and that helps in my situation.
  7. Scrap dye from armor or clothing. It scraps into paint.
  8. So then I need to find a research desk in-game, or find the schematic for research desk, to then make a schematic for table saw
  9. Is RH designed for the need to go deep into living off the land in order to be able to complete the journal quest lines, or was it something not intended, but happened with shuffling of where the rain catcher is unlocked? Same with table saw quest line. It appears that the table saw schematic is loot/buy only? Just looking for confirmation. I am loving playing through RH. The only issue (and not a large one) is that it feels awesome to complete a step in a quest line, but then to find out that I am going to need to specialize in certain skill chains in order to get the schematic unlocks in order to progress down the next step in the quest line. It seems to be a difficult balance between advancing the skills you want to advance in based on the weapons and skills and playstyle you want to play vs. finishing what seems to be the beginner/tutorial/journal quest lines. Again, this isn't a huge complaint. I'm just looking for a bit of a confirmation that this was indeed intended and also maybe what is the expected level to finish the journal quests: 20, or 40, or 50, or 75, etc. ?
  10. You can also make baked potatoes for some additional easy food early game.
  11. I've noticed that happens with this mod and a few others. The research I've done shows it is caused by texture streaming. One way I've found to fix it is by hitting F1 to open up the console, then entering the command "gfx st budget 0". You will have to do this each time you start the game as that setting isn't saved. Hopefully that resolves the issue for you.
  12. Other than the obviously visible stats for armor, is there any non-visible statistical impact with heavy vs. light armor in DF?
  13. I guess you can call this a bug report then I noticed this first with taza's (not sure on spelling) weapons, the bow and spear. I thought it was a "feature" of the unique items.
  14. I've noticed that certain of the rare/unique weapons will actually increase in quality when repaired if you have enough skill for the weapon. 2 questions related to this: 1) What is the calculating factor for what determines if the quality increases. For example, I just repaired my level 42 black sky gun, I have gun crafting 5/5, and also classes/mastery so I can craft pistol weapons at level 71. Repairing the black sky gun took the level to 47, then 52, then 57, but wouldn't improve beyond that. 2) When the black sky gun went from 47 to 52, it didn't gain a 5th mod slot. Is this intended?
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