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  1. I have a problem and i would be very greatful if someone could help me. When playing sometimes mouse stops working and i cant move camera up or down; only side to side. And sometimes i can't move at all and only can use WSAD control to move but can control view. It works again if i exit the game and enter again but this is really annoying when doing some quest because it restart the quest. Anybody knows whats going on and how to fix it??
  2. Sometimes is when i move but sometimes when i just stand looking at the landscape i can see the same type of flickering in the trees or buildings
  3. I found a mistake in this mod. When learning to craft Pistols, the level 6 book require the level 4 book instead of level 5. So when i did the level 5; it was useless and i had to make 4 books again.
  4. I own an 5700XT, play ultra in 1080p and i have flickering specially in plants and shiny metals. Flickering.mp4
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