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  1. Ah yes, anything RGB will be controlled by some sort of engine that can maybe cause this issue indeed.
  2. Euh yes, why else would I be using the Steelseries Engine ? Disabling the engine for this game fixed the issue, this topic can be closed.
  3. Well... Using the native input option did not help. However, since you say there were no errors in the logs and possibly caused by a 3rd party program, I disabled the Steelseries Engine for 7DTD and that did the trick. Thank you very much for that suggestion.
  4. No indeed, it only happens in 7 days to die. Right, sorry about that. Log files are attached now. output_log__2020-12-01__23-54-38.txt output_log__2020-12-01__23-57-52.txt
  5. Hello, I have an issue where only 40% of my mouse clicks are being registered in game. It sometimes takes me 3 clicks to select an item. I have googled for this, but nothing I could find helped, not that there was much to find. Tried different Fullscreen settings, I have the latest Steelseries drivers. Verified the game files in Steam. The game would be so much more enjoyable if it actually responded on every mouse click...
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