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  1. Changing the <property name="ambientInsideThreshold" value=".2"/> value from ".2" to "1.0" inside the worlglobal.txt in data/config will completely remove any lightening and darkening effects when walking into POI's. <property name="ambientInsideThreshold" value="1.0"/> My other attempts at adjusting it to levels that looked more natural during the day caused it to be too bright when looking outside windows at night time. Like, walking inside a POI at night time caused the outside world to brighten. The last post got some views and responses so i
  2. 900 hours of gameplay later and I'm only just now learning that there are rabbits and chickens in this game. Bless you gifting me with your divine knowledge. Cancel the idea animals in various stages of health, we have chickens and rabbits.
  3. I swear predators go from scary to a free meal way too early in the game. Game gets boring once you dont take damage and have 1000 meat sitting in a chest.
  4. I'd like some more low hp animals early on. something designed to be taken on with a wooden club. Gate the dire wolves and bears to be later on. Boars and wolves tend to wreck you if you try to fight them day 1. Maybe have "sick" or "starving" versions of these animals. Like a "Starving Dog" thats aggro and deals moderate damage but can be taken out in 1-2 swings but only gives you 1 bit of meat. Next Tiers could be "Skinny Dog" "Healthy Dog" "Strong Dog" "Dire Dog" all gated by gamestage and giving progressively more meat/fur and having more hp/damage.
  5. Ahhhhh, there we go, this is the line that needs to be changed to adjust the lighting difference. This is super good. So im running it a bit different to the example you mentioned. ambientInsideSpeed = 0.2 0.9 for a much faster transition ambientInsideThreshold = 0.1 so that it works so that there are fewer transitions back and forth. (this value works for me) ambientInsideEquatorScale= 0.6 0.8 to reduce the difference in lighting even further. Many Thanks n2n1!!!! Its personal preference all of this but I'm much happier with a quicker
  6. Good Idea. Im gonna go try it. Edit: Fiddled around with those values in the worldglobal file, didnt seem to change the lighting dimming and brightening in any way.
  7. Ahhh, well, thats a damn shame. Yeah, i tried turning brightness to 0 which made the saturation on some textures look natural and turned the rest of the world into the Shadow Realm. But then brightness and saturation are two different things, be nice to have a slider for both in-game. Yeah its a really cool effect theyre going for and its going to be great once it works. Its gonna be hard to really get it nailed down though. If you stand in a dark corner of a room, the bright spaces will still be bright. But with the current m
  8. Thats done it, shadows off, reflections on low, ended up throwing both of those commands through (hope that doesnt come back to bite me later on) The degree to which the screen brightens and darkens is much less extreme now. Thankyou.
  9. I tried this, and turning off shadows will lessen the effect. The problem I had next is the saturation on some objects is insane without the shadows to cool them down a bit. I know, i just cant be pleased, im sorry TFP 😭
  10. No doubt, 7DTD has a lot going on, and it is a benchmark in the genre for many incredible reasons. Im glad this issue is on the radar. Be nice to be able to disable this feature though until it is fully functional however. And while it may not "break" the game, I cannot stand my screen constantly fluctuating in brightness as im walking around a house during the middle of the day. It doesnt cripple the entire game, but I cant stand walking around indoors. The Fun Pimps are great and they'll get it sorted eventually but if there isnt a short term fix to wind
  11. Turning off shadows completely stops the game from going from light to dark depending on where you stand indoors. Next problem; Without shadows enabled everything looks saturated and overly bright. Why is this so hard. Still does it but is just less noticable when everything is so saturated. Is there a mod to adjust saturation levels? Google guide me. Standing in a bedroom at midday about 3 meters from a window and the whole world dims. this looks so terrible whose idea was this -.-
  12. Depending on where you stand in a room it goes from being really bright to really dark and i find it incredibly distracting. It doesnt feel natural at all. Jesus its 7:30am, theres windows all around but because im in the centre of a room far enough away from the windows, the whole world goes dark like its night time. This is actually ridiculous. Is there a mod to disable this?
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