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  1. Hello I must say what a neat mod you have created. I am testing it on my Server with combination of Sorcery + Darkness Falls and Robeloto custom zombies. So far everything works fine after two weeks play time. Only problem we have encountered is that "Arcanist forge" cannot be placed (red popup appears) rest seems to be working perfectly fine. thank you for your hard work.
  2. Thank you fore the advice guys, i have tried both with no luck so far. Worth to mention we do use many mods on our Server but nothing new was added before this problem came to light. I dont want to break anything as we are over day 600 so will leave it for now. Perhaps try few more things before Server wipe. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone Today i have come across a rather unusual bug in 7 Days. It is bit complicated so i decided to make a video instead of typing everything out. Please take a look and let me know if you have come across this problem before. It will help a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG4trlcSlZk thank you in advance for your time Rafael
  4. Hello Snufkin and thank you for this amazing mod. I enjoy playing it singleplayer and i would like to install it on my server but i'am having some problems. Once i upload it to my Server and unpack it, it creates a folder with mod folder inside instead of usual single folder type (see picture) and i cannot get it to work. Tried to unpack it to my desktop, getting the folder out and packing it separately but my server will not accept it after this and shows error 500. Sorry if this is something silly i'am just a noob in these matters. Would appreciate any help.
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