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  1. i don't really mind that block to be 4 hit. What i hate is the fact it stays on 1 hp! Especialy when i include some math: 250/3 is 83 and 1/3 but due to game operating only on full values it rounds it down to 83. This hurts my heart more then anything else
  2. Hello! I have a dream. Dream about doing a challenge run. In this run i limit myself to buy perks from only 1 attribute untill i max it out. One time i have found a stone shovel tier 6 and stocked it full with mods (gravedigger included). Filled with joy from my loot i went digging since horde night is coming, need to build my defence with something, but then everytime i tried to dig up top soil block(250hp one) i always leave it with 1 hp. Now i don't know whether it's intened to torment me for not buying "miner 69'er" perk or some magic fraction is not working. Developer please help i'm
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