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  1. No matter what I always seem to have my 1st city in a desert biome, anyway I can manipulate it so I can have a city in pine forest or anyone know any good seeds with such in?
  2. So it is. Weird that. Reading too much into it, thanks.
  3. Tried clicking on description, just says "East, to make, fills you up and its good for you!" nothing else
  4. How do you make fruit salad? It comes up with a hammer symbol needed but don't know which table I need.
  5. I've tried to download both links but it says 1 is already installed. (setup has detected) 😕
  6. Hello, great mod Khaine. I got an issue with it now in running it on my desktop as opposed to laptop however. I'm getting the following error message: 'Could not load file or assembly 'SharpSvn.dll' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found" comes up when I try to run the Darkness Falls mod' Can someone help me with that comes up please? How do I fix it please?
  7. Is there an issue with War of the Walkers mod at the minute? Can't get it to load... I've downloaded it the same way I downloaded Darkness falls but nothing is happening.
  8. How do you activate Big Screen mode too on the launcher? It says I need to activate it in Steam before loading, but as my 7d2d launcher version of the game can't be loaded from Steam I don't know what to do....
  9. The xbox controller has it working fine now. How do you tell the time on the game however? Nothing on the map screen.
  10. Which XBox controller do you recommend?
  11. For some reason my ps4 controller isn't working when it comes to playing using the Darkness falls mod version of 7 days, I have the 7d2d launcher added to the Steam too, the controller works fine in vanilla mode. Anyone know why this is? And any fixes for it? I've tried continually to get my head round keyboard / mouse controls but I just can't get to grips with it properly. When I click on 7D2DModLauncher in Steam and choose Play it says "Failed to launch 7D2DMODLAUNCHER" aswell for some reason..
  12. Can anyone help me with my ps4 controller issue, can't get it to work when running the 7d2d mod launcher, works OK when using vanilla 7d2d on Steam.
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