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  1. Where do you normally find Eve?
  2. How do you unlock the master survivalist perk please? It just has a red 0/1 and a red check where the Master survialvalist is on the right hand side please.
  3. I can't find which folder the maps are in in my laptop...
  4. Does anyone know of a seed where there's a decent sized CrackABook store in a town?
  5. Can anyone recommend a good seed and what size map where there's a decent sized CrackABook around please?
  6. Does the generator apply to Darkness falls mod version or just the vanilla 7 days?
  7. Can someone point me to a step by step guide as to where to go to and how to download and run the nitrogen world generator please. I saw the Farket one of the 18.2 version but I can't see the current version of it anywhere.
  8. "could not load file or assembly 'SharpSvn.dll' or one of its dependencies. The specific module could not be found" What does this mean? Trying to download darkness falls but I keep getting thslis message...
  9. Is there anyway to get a specific map on this mod? I'm trying to get the Carumi Valley world seed... Is there like a seed generator anywhere?
  10. Went to play darkness falls and the part where I click play mod, there's nothing there and it's asking me to download a new version of the game again... I pumped quite a few hours into my save file too...! 🙄 It had uninstalled for some reason, the save game is still intact tho... Odd.
  11. How does 1 smelt brass down please? What needs unlocking?
  12. Nothing loads, there's a red x next to Darkness Falls on left hand side, where do I click for darkness falls mod to have the option to either install a copy of 7 days or copy the Steam copy?
  13. How do i update the 7d2d darkness falls mod to the latest version please? Do I just hit the Pre-sync mod button?
  14. OK. I'll give that a look. Thanks Khaine 👍
  15. What icons / paints does anyone for the different boxes or how do you differentiate between the boxes? I tend to go for a misc box, parts, gun parts... I have the paints for the ammo, guns, medical, food, drink boxes I use.
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