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  1. Wow I missed that, thanks for cluing me in!
  2. I'm going to give the outfits a chance but it sounds like a terrible idea and I hope the development team has a plan B if it does not work out. Everything else about 20 looks and sounds amazing but I'm very skeptical of the outfit idea. The reason why is the game is all about customization and playing your way. You build your base your way, you mod your equipment your way, you explore your way, play your way, etc etc.. and all of that is about having a unique experience to play how you want. Locking into an outfit like this is telling me now I got to conform to a specific way of playing and swap clothes on the fly like a Kardashian if I want to maximize my engagement doing something the developers consider a different role. Its going to take us from immersion of crafting something unique to us as players and instead be something generic. Clothing and armor needed work but I don't think this is the way. We shall see but I really hope they have a plan B if it does not work out.
  3. 100% Fine waiting and appreciate the developers communication. Without showing signs of life I might be concerned about the game but they are clearly working hard on it so as long as it takes is fine. Of course I would love to know what they are targeting but as soon as they say it publicly people try hold them to those dates which is not fair. So when its done its done is fine with me. This team has earned our trust.
  4. Well this one has gone from bad to worse. The server admin tried to revert to a backup save and now nobody can join the server. I get a message that says "ArgumenException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: Exploration" Here is the log from the server since the restore. After trying several backups, we went back 2 weeks ago to the oldest backup on the server from our first day. Here is the server log. https://pastebin.com/yS1MrhbT
  5. Just attempted to log into the server from another laptop and experienced the same issue. This makes me think the issue is localized to the server for my user only. Unsure if/how this can be fixed without deleting my character from the server.
  6. Thank you for suggestion. Just tried your suggestion on my local machine and it did not resolve the issue after reconnecting to server.
  7. Currently playing on a server and day 20 with a group of friends. Starting tonight we went to raid a large crack a book on the default map in the snow area and I found myself unable to open any container. I was still able to shoot, repair, enter/exit vehicle, etc but unable to open any container. No other player in my group had this issue including one on the same network as me. First attempt to resolve was exiting the server and logging back in. Doing this the first time I was briefly able to access containers again but after doing 3-4 it broke again. Further attempts to drop/join the server did not help. Next I totally closed the game all together without any change. Then I rebooted my PC with again no change. Searched a variety of places for people with this similar issue going back many versions but with no proven solution. The admin rebooted the server for us and for a brief time I had no issues again. However after about 15min the issue came back again. My next attempts got a little more involved. I deleted the game and all supporting folders on my machine. After reinstalling rejoined the server and was still unable to access containers. I tried to launch the game without EAC but the server we play on requires it. I validated my newly installed files with Steam. I launched a local game and played for a few minutes without the issue. More testing is likely needed here. I logged into a random empty server and ran around for about 5 minutes looting stuff without issue. I checked my event viewer and found nothing related to the game. Checked my AV log and saw nothing remarkable there. I am asking for the admin to send me the logs from the server but in the mean time here is a link to my log file from my last game attempt. https://pastebin.com/mWK8Ry0z Would appreciate any help that can be provided. Please let me know if there are any additional details I can add.
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