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  1. I know it won't help you in any way, but I attach the photo of the hole digged at the first 7th day blood moon horde. I'm pretty sure no blocks are destroyed in normal night (but i think they're not even aggroed&digging at this stage during regular nights), but they are in blood moon nights. Could it be animals? (i don't even know if animals do dig or they don't)
  2. Nope, not gravel. Are zeds able to dig on gravel w/ this mod, tho? (thank you very much!)
  3. Hi, got No Digging Zombies and no other mods. I feel like it's not working properly or is missing some zed's weapon/body part, cause it's the second blood moon horde in a row (i'm at day 21 now) that i'm finding the start of a hole in the ground (earth block) above my base. Only one block for now, i guess will be more progressing with the game. I can clearly see damaged earth blocks all around the hole.. can you check it out?
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