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  1. Hello there! There's a game called Call of Duty: Warzone. In this game are dozens of Assault Rifles, Pistols, SMG's, Sniper Rifles. With their own animations, sound effects, graphics, stats, etc. Conveniently, their stats, like damage, are very similar to the current items. I can absolutely use math to calculate proper stat adjustments to work within this game with it feeling natural and balaned. A very simple un-edited example: A Sniper Rifle from Warzone currently does 150 damage; kind of like the base-level hunting rifle doing 100 damage. Hopefully you guys can see what I'm getting at.
  2. Don't even wanna sleep, just wanna explore the world these guys have created. I've less than 48 hours on my belt, but, man... This game is so fun, and I wish I had more than one awesome friend to play with. I know there's loads of things the devs have on their plate before listening to a little survivor like myself, and I'm sure these ideas aren't original at all, but here 's two that I think would be absolutely awesome for everyone: 1) The Railings in the game; so awesome. I cannot emphasize how useful it is to be able to shoot through the bars and hit zombies, BUT, there is a b
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