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  1. When it happens, can you still look up and down? I guess what I'm really asking is if the mouse works at all when it happens. Or are you using a controller?
  2. This game pushes my 1070ti past its limit during dusk and dawn hours @ 1920x1200 resolution. My cpu is an i5 3570k (very old cpu with a mild OC), and it stays around 25-30% total cpu usage on singleplayer (but I didn't stress test it by blowing up a whole building or something like that). I had to tone down some settings to keep the framerate playable during those dusk and dawn hours, but not that much -- still looks close enough to everything high/ultra. Outside of those hours, gpu usage is around 50% iirc. You'd figure this is the exact problem that the Dynamic Resolution setting is supp
  3. I think he'd have the same original issue in Windowed mode as Borderless Fullscreen.
  4. That's a curious problem. Is the ground texture the only texture affected? Assuming you already tried re-installing the game... I'd start with using DDU (in windows safe mode) to completely remove the graphics drivers, and then reinstall them. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html If that didn't do the trick, then (since you said you and your brother have the EXACT same computer), I'd probably swap the hard drives between the computers to see if the problem follows his hard drive to rule out s
  5. I'm in the process of building a headless server for this game. I already have a spare PSU and a hard drive laying around, so it comes out to $276 for mobo+16gb ram+rizen 3200g cpu+micro atx case. I already got everything delivered, except for the cpu. They accidentally sent me 32gb of ram instead of 16gb, so that's nice. I plan to use some flavor of linux (probably Archlinux), and so I'll report back how it goes sometime next week.
  6. Cool. I don't game on Win 10, so I'm not the best person to recommend the next step to get borderless fullscreen working right, but I'd try turning Windows Game Mode on or off. Best of luck!
  7. Power supply, or motherboard issue. It's one of the two. Usually, a bad PSU will cause a "whine" sound when under load.
  8. I like it. I'm a new player that didn't experience the old system, but I can use my imagination. This way, loot has a progression. It's more gamist and less of a simulation, and so some players won't like that. I would change it so that safes always have something worth putting behind the safe, though -- something like use a minimum total value of the loot based on current game stage and size of the safe. The values of the loot already exist (trade prices) so this would be easy to implement. For all I know, maybe it already is, but then it just needs to be tweaked.
  9. Possibility: By default, the game runs in borderless fullscreen mode. So, I know that in Windows 7 (hear me out), if you're not using an Aero theme, then vsync (hear me out!) won't work in anything but exclusive fullscreen. I know you're talking about anti-aliasing and I don't know what OS you're using, but I'm pretty sure non-shader based antialiasing wouldn't work either and I don't know what ultra aa is actually using, so that's where I'd start. First, I'd try just running the game in Exclusive Fullscreen by enabling that check box in the launcher. If that does t
  10. New player here. Stealth seems to work fine for me. I can do whatever I want at night -- no problems. I just make sure there's a closed door of some kind between me and them, and they don't seem to hear me -- including mining, and I was only a like 5 blocks down. I even go out at night if there's a full moon and stealth around. I do take that first tier stealth skill, though.
  11. I'm a new player (so some might think my opinion on this isn't worth anything, but I think the opposite is true in this case), but I thought this system works well, and this is how I learned to deal with it: a) Lacking vitamins, antibiotics, splints, or whatever: Before level 6 you can just kill yourself and you're healed of everything (and given full food and water meters to boot) with no penalty. After level 6, you should have those items in surplus. If you don't, you can make them. If you can't, then you play around it at increased risk of risk death -- the death penalty isn
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