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  1. *Thumbs up* for clarifying, I'll have to spend more time reading the wiki..
  2. Happens with stun batons and shock effect, (includes nerd tats).
  3. Tested in creative, looks like the +10% damage buff from vol 1 The Automatic Weapon Handbook only applies to the base weapon, (not including ammo or mods to the gun)? Tested using Tier 6 AK, (unmodded and then fully modded), and standard rounds. The dmg increase between the two doesn't scale, (7% for unmodded AK+standard round and 5.5% for fully modded+standard round). The % difference is before reading the book and afterwards. This is without any skill levels in fortitude or machine gunner... Just an observation.
  4. Can only post my experience about this, but I use it, (you can only have 1 per player even though each Trader has 3 available). I tend to stack it with modded class 6 weapons/armour/tools, (and whatever else class 4/5's etc. to fill it up), come back in 30 days to about 150k to 250k dukes). Just remember to retrieve coins and any unbought items before the expiry day, (day before), or you lose them. Easy to test in creative, go into item spawner "U", select a load of class 6 weapons/armour/tools, (steel>iron>scrap etc. and motorised>manual), pay for
  5. Hello, Anyone noticed that the book bonuses to dmg aren't being applied? Usual +10% with shotguns/bows etc... Same goes for the "Penetrator" AP buff, you only get the object penetration not the armour reduction. I know the AP ammo is bugged at the moment so it looks like HP for the win!
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