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  1. Yeah, also an option I suppose. I've actually just decided to go with lockable storage containers and wooden signs for now as they hold a lot more stuff. Just wish I could add up and down arrows to the text (not sure what font type it is, if I knew that I could use the alt+### input method to add the desired symbol (if available). eg: alt+133 = à (in whatever this forum font is) alt+0133 = … (so input is very specific)
  2. first attempt at adjusting blocks.xml cntWoodFurnitureBlockVariantHelper record to set the signed variant first did not work (no change in-game), but will keep fiddling to see if I can make any progress. Very busy lately, but plan to post back if I make any progress.
  3. Final update: -implemented the original plan, was fun, but I discovered that by the time I had a generator and all the other electrical devices my game stage had advanced to where melee was not the best strategy (with higher difficulty or horde numbers a wave drags on past 4 am quickly and you need candy/booze to do enough damage) -you do rack up a lot of xp though as long as you limit what traps you use -settled on floor plates and trip wires as the motion cameras have a large viewable angle that is hard to get just right and the cops seem to spit a them) -before I had pow
  4. @bdubyahThanks for the info (was missing the object names), I will try fiddling with the xml files again once I get a chance..
  5. I don't think you can paint the writeable box though, like you can the default one. I would be very happy if the default was the writeable one and you could paint it then the current default box would not be needed.
  6. I hope this changes in a future release. (in blocks.xml I think) I do see the shapes for wood frames and such have a sortorder number parameter, which may apply, but I cannot find the writeable storage container object to see if it has one too. In theory all it would take is to modify the sort value to put it in front (ie: default), in which case the change could be made into a modlet, but perhaps I'm not even close.
  7. I do not know if aim-assist is in this game or not, but I have managed rifle headshots when my crosshairs are 'next' to a zombies head (ie: hoard night or trigger panic). Either I got lucky and the bullets 'drift' was in my favor or perhaps the weapon mods and perks add up to achieve aim assist like results, as in "close enough, call it a hit". Shotguns are a whole other matter for me...can't seem to hit anything when they swam me and start bobbing and weaving. I have observed the laser sight red dot does not align with the cross hairs precisely (some drift toward a viable target
  8. I searched the xml files to see if the player crafted storage container had a list of shapes (including the "writeable" version) and could not find it. My search on the forums came up short too. The objective is to make the "Writeable" shape the default shape for the player created storage container. The reason I want to do this is because this is the shape I use almost exclusively and having to manually switch to it each time is getting tedious (my base usually ends up with about 20 or so due to how I sort things...plus hoarding).
  9. Experiencing this issue on my 5th Gen Intel NUC (on lowest settings, single player, Navisgane map). Normally experienced when activating a quest POI. Not sure how much memory was being used at the time, but the 'workaround' for me is to face away from the POI, quit, reboot and reload (just reloading does not always seem to work). I'll try to record the RSS value the next time it happens. One time I activated a POI, it was bad, so I reloaded and re-activated the POI, it seemed okay, but I still had some issues later with ghost blocks). Primary symptoms: -sink bowl texture o
  10. I really like the idea of using a shovel's right-click to 'fill' in the edges where the ground meets the blocks (I almost never use the power swing for digging). Maybe add a small resource cost based on the block targeted. Nothing like mining a bunker and 'denting' the ground with a careless swing. ...Fudge!... Another option would be a special (new) block, call it 'infill', that when placed on the ground causes the block underneath to be made "whole" and flat on the top (and raise/meld the edges of adjacent blocks) then disappear, this would require some resources to
  11. Finished watching the videos from the wiki, informative. AND circuit: requires a relay between sequential triggers. OR circuit: just daisy chain the triggers. Electric Doors/Hatches are closed without power and opened with power, so have to mount those the correct way (to wall face) to get the desired result in my case. Now I just gotta wire it up and add some blade traps at head height in the corridor of doom. Thanks all for the input.
  12. Just some thoughts I had on the interface (random ideas). Crafting (Unlock page) - Unlock page currently only shows the parent skill (and/or book), could also indicate the level of a required skill to unlock the item. Example: to unlock minibike would show "Grease Monkey (2)", motorcycle would show "Grease Monkey (3)". Or even better, a "Skill (SkillLevelName)" structure like "Salvage Operations (Scavenger)" or "Grease Monkey (Minibike Master)", players can figure out how to unlock that level in the perk tree, but at least they know the level they need to unlock what they wan
  13. Do buildings 'decay' in 7dtd? If so, it could be that. My horde base (single player) is within my LCB zone, and my stash bunker has a bedroll, so perhaps that is helping keep things at full health for me. I think both are keeping the Z's from spawning inside as well, so no strays to hit stuff.
  14. Thanks to the moderators for moving this to the correct thread. I think I read that each building/POI has an LCB, so maybe just modify that for the map markers (properties: ShowMapMarker, MapIcon, MapLabel).
  15. Okay, now I know it is a design feature and not a defect. I can see this being necessary for multiplayer, but was unsure if the rule were relaxed for single player or not. I've been getting in the habit of speed running through the clearing/finding, then backtracking to loot, just so I can make it back to base before 2200. Also, now that I know this is normal I can factor this in for my play schedule to avoid a long repeat.
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