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  1. Experiencing this issue on my 5th Gen Intel NUC (on lowest settings, single player, Navisgane map). Normally experienced when activating a quest POI. Not sure how much memory was being used at the time, but the 'workaround' for me is to face away from the POI, quit, reboot and reload (just reloading does not always seem to work). I'll try to record the RSS value the next time it happens. One time I activated a POI, it was bad, so I reloaded and re-activated the POI, it seemed okay, but I still had some issues later with ghost blocks). Primary symptoms: -sink bowl texture o
  2. I really like the idea of using a shovel's right-click to 'fill' in the edges where the ground meets the blocks (I almost never use the power swing for digging). Maybe add a small resource cost based on the block targeted. Nothing like mining a bunker and 'denting' the ground with a careless swing. ...Fudge!... Another option would be a special (new) block, call it 'infill', that when placed on the ground causes the block underneath to be made "whole" and flat on the top (and raise/meld the edges of adjacent blocks) then disappear, this would require some resources to
  3. Finished watching the videos from the wiki, informative. AND circuit: requires a relay between sequential triggers. OR circuit: just daisy chain the triggers. Electric Doors/Hatches are closed without power and opened with power, so have to mount those the correct way (to wall face) to get the desired result in my case. Now I just gotta wire it up and add some blade traps at head height in the corridor of doom. Thanks all for the input.
  4. Just some thoughts I had on the interface (random ideas). Crafting (Unlock page) - Unlock page currently only shows the parent skill (and/or book), could also indicate the level of a required skill to unlock the item. Example: to unlock minibike would show "Grease Monkey (2)", motorcycle would show "Grease Monkey (3)". Or even better, a "Skill (SkillLevelName)" structure like "Salvage Operations (Scavenger)" or "Grease Monkey (Minibike Master)", players can figure out how to unlock that level in the perk tree, but at least they know the level they need to unlock what they wan
  5. Do buildings 'decay' in 7dtd? If so, it could be that. My horde base (single player) is within my LCB zone, and my stash bunker has a bedroll, so perhaps that is helping keep things at full health for me. I think both are keeping the Z's from spawning inside as well, so no strays to hit stuff.
  6. Thanks to the moderators for moving this to the correct thread. I think I read that each building/POI has an LCB, so maybe just modify that for the map markers (properties: ShowMapMarker, MapIcon, MapLabel).
  7. Okay, now I know it is a design feature and not a defect. I can see this being necessary for multiplayer, but was unsure if the rule were relaxed for single player or not. I've been getting in the habit of speed running through the clearing/finding, then backtracking to loot, just so I can make it back to base before 2200. Also, now that I know this is normal I can factor this in for my play schedule to avoid a long repeat.
  8. Not sure where to place this, so... I was thinking the Navisgane map should have POI markers for some buildings you have been close to (same range as the view distance circle for the map reveal maybe), like the Traders, Police Stations, Pass-N-Gas, Pop-N-Pills, Crack-A-Book, etc. Not the generic houses though, just the 'special sites'. Just the buildings that are few and far between or have special loot. An icon system with pill, book, badge, gas icons (etc) would work well. It could even appear only when you zoom in to avoid cluttering up the map when zoomed out. I
  9. I did a cursory search and did not see this in the known bugs list or this forum, so... I have on two occasions had to save and exit mid way through a POI quest (retrieval or clearing) and when I reloaded the save the quest was reset. By reset I mean the rally point marker is back like I never activated it before the save/exit. I know I activated it before the save/exit the last time, so it wasn't like I was doing a dry-run/double loot pass or anything. The good news is it did not 'fail' the quest, so I was not too upset, just a bit of extra time was needed and I got more loot,
  10. Alrighty then, looks like there is a way for wood and iron, but steel vault hatches has a lot of clipping (the frames are thicc!). I must have rotated past the correct flipped/rotated variant in my attempts. Thanks all, and extra thanks to @Data for the video (way above call).
  11. @theFluThank you for the clarification. That first example is counter to what I would have expected. I see that relays function differently than I thought, they act a little as switches as well as hubs. Seems there is a passive power flow with plates that I was unaware of. Will have to watch the vids soon. My first interpretation was that relays allowed multiple or shared in/out connections (ie: concentrators or splitters) whereas plates and switches were one in and one out only. Since my initial intended design will only require one switch I would have been okay, but
  12. Yeah, my research into the power options is yielding some interesting info. I've yet to watch the video tutorials (pending), but I already have some thoughts about the powered hatch. It would seem it defaults to closing upon receiving power, which implies it opens automatically when power is cut (hence no interaction function). As long as I can orient it in a way that makes a path when powered I should be able to use this (sort of a free, 'not' action; as in "not powered = open up"). If the motion camera only closes a circuit to enable power to flow, then I may have a plan. I can use eithe
  13. Note: this is purely for cosmetic reasons, I'm not trying to achieve any functional objective. I am trying to place two doors side by side such that the hinges are on the outsides and they face/open the same direction, but I can only seem to place them with the hinges on the same side (left). The objective is to have a two by two block wide opening with the doors opened along the walls and in the same orientation. When closed the doors should look like they meet in the middle (handles in middle). I can achieve the desired orientation with hatches mounted to the walls, but I want
  14. Thanks for the input. The overall goal is to limit the number of zeds beating on the service counter at one time and having a living waterfall of zeds I can spray with fire and lead later is the plan (conserving 7.62 and 9mm ammo by using melee and shotgun [with duckbill mod] during early waves). I figure once a half dozen or so get to the counter a trigger plate will close the hatches, but a motion sensor covering the counter might be more reliable. If the plates can do an event on up and event on down I can make a multi stage switch circuit. If they only do one event (on down), then
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