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  1. @faatal in the list of companies that work with AMD FSR there is Unity, apparently in the engine and FSR will now appear. Will 7 Days To Die support FSR in the future? And yes - I understand that you will have to update the engine again. And by the way, what version of the engine will be A20?
  2. @faatal, does 7 Days To Die support Nvidia's MFAA anti-aliasing, and does it have any effect in terms of fps and anti-aliasing quality?
  3. Will there be an updated zombie bear model in the A20/21? Mikhalych is waiting)
  4. @faatal, sorry to bother you again with questions about UE. How would the game change if it was on UE5? And I'm not just talking about graphics, but for example about the speed and ease of use, other programming languages, other tools, and so on. How would this affect the content, gameplay, and release speed of new versions? ( And it's a pity that Epic didn't make MetaZombie😅 )
  5. Надеюсь, что разработчики этот шедевр посмотрят и оценят) I hope that the developers will look at this masterpiece and appreciate it)
  6. @faatal, @madmole, will there be an update to Unity and DX12/Vulkan for the current version of the game? For example, in A19.6. Or will it all be only in A20?
  7. @faatal, Which do you prefer: Unity or Unreal Engine 4? And if you could influence the choice of the engine for 7 Days To Die, which one would you prefer to work on? And why? Sorry to ask too much, but please give a detailed answer. Thank you in advance.
  8. @faatal, What is the probability of DLSS appearing in 7 Days To Die? DLSS will be in Unity!
  9. @faatalAnd on Windows, will Vulkan give any error-free performance boost? Or should I limit myself to DX11? In parentheses after Vulkan, it says: not fully supported yet.
  10. @faatal, Can DX12 be implemented on the current version, or does it require a Unity update? And will it improve performance? There aren't many games right now where DX12 improves FPS, and it's usually only needed for RT or DLSS. And how do GLCore and Vulkan work, which can already be activated?
  11. @faatal, And how much time is left until the release of A19.5 with optimizations? Or are these just plans for now?
  12. Does anyone have a map of the PreGen worlds? I searched, but other than Navezgane I didn't find anything normal
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