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  1. @faatal, will an under-barrel grenade launcher be added as a modification in the future? That would be convenient. And yes - I understand that for this you will have to make animations and a model.
  2. @faatalApproximately how many MF do you need to fix for the release of the experimental A20?
  3. @faatal, will the saves from A20 experimental be compatible with A20 stable? And if you don't know it now, when will it become known?
  4. @faatal, here you wrote that you might add improved snow if you have time before the release. But why not do it after the release? After all, it is already relatively soon, and you have a lot of plans, and such trifles will immediately go to the tenth plan. And there are a lot of things that you would like to add, but do not have time before the release. So why not do it after?
  5. @faatal, what changes in music will there be in A20? And will they be at all?
  6. Unfortunately, this problem is still relevant.
  7. @faatal, will the bug with the Molotov cocktail be fixed in A20, when after the fire disappears, you can catch fire for a few seconds? And is there a chance that in the future ( maybe in 100 years ) a metro or something similar will appear in random generation?
  8. @faatal, will there ever be a realistic spatial sound in 7 Days To Die? Now, both in a closed space and on the street, shots and the rest sound the same. I'm not asking about the A20, but in general: will there be such a sound in the game, sounding different depending on the environment? Even the old sounds will be felt in a new way, the immersion in the world will improve. And yes - I know that it's not just a couple of ticks to put in Unity.
  9. @faatal, I have a few questions for you. How well does TAA work? Does it consume a lot of resources compared to what it is now? And what kind of smoothing does the game use now? FXAA and SMAA?
  10. I hope that the new Screamer Zombie will summon real hordes in new large and dense cities. @faatal, will it have new sounds?
  11. I like the music in 7 Days To Die. The problem is that I don't always want to go into the game just for the music. There is music from the game on YouTube, but not all of it, unfortunately. I want to record it, but I don't know how to do it without the other sounds. Is it possible to somehow turn off all the sounds and leave only the music? After all, it cannot be "pulled out" from the game files - the engine makes it out of small fragments on the go. @faatal, is there any way to solve this problem? ( Or just tell me who to contact with this question ).
  12. @faatal1. Should we expect the same serious optimization in A20 as in A19. 5? 2. Why do you usually respond in the forum? Have you been assigned this task, or do the others simply not have the time/desire?)
  13. @faatal in the list of companies that work with AMD FSR there is Unity, apparently in the engine and FSR will now appear. Will 7 Days To Die support FSR in the future? And yes - I understand that you will have to update the engine again. And by the way, what version of the engine will be A20?
  14. @faatal, does 7 Days To Die support Nvidia's MFAA anti-aliasing, and does it have any effect in terms of fps and anti-aliasing quality?
  15. Will there be an updated zombie bear model in the A20/21? Mikhalych is waiting)
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