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  1. Ahhhh that I did not know. That update would have been nice. I've lost two fairly decent sized builds from sections of the world resetting mostly around POIs. Which is usually followed by rage quitting for a couple months then rebuilding.
  2. That makes sense. It was just an idea I had while texting a buddy about playing some 7dtd tonight. I don't know much about the game engine they used to create the game. All I know is that most games take a fair amount of optimization to run smoothly on consoles. I have enjoyed the game this long with the limited things to do on console. I would even be more than happy to purchase the game again once its finished and found a publisher to port and distribute it to next gen consoles.
  3. I know they put out a statement and blah blah blah there may be a few "go read the blog post". This is just an idea I had sorry if it has been brought up before. What if they could take the last stable update for PC and have it ported over to console as a DLC. That way TFP don't have to focus on regular updates for the game but could get people on console closer to up to date with where the PC version is. I don't know what the solution would be. Maybe drop the price of the game down and have the DLC for like 10 or 20 dollars or maybe that's a ridiculous price who knows. All I know is that I
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