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  1. We are currently going through server issues from a possible DDOS attack (according to the admin). Stats can be seen at https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/7dtd/10850867?playerCount=24H . If this persists and we have to wipe/restart the server I will post the notification and new server post/link here.
  2. Server Name: [Kronik] Darkness Falls PVE Size: 10 person Max Map: DFalls-Small2 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/htjCjV35 Rules: 1) No building a structure within 50 blocks of a Trader (claim size) 2) No building new structures inside a Trader a.k.a don't make a base in a Trader (last server a played tried this and collapsed the whole Trader area). 3) No digging in the Trader Base! 4) You are free to use a POI as a base, just be careful since certain quests will reset a POI and you could lose everything* 5) No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, and no Stealing/Trolling. Note: Admin is looking to integrate other mods like Snufkin's Server SIde Zombies in the future. Settings may be tweaked in the future. * - Have to check with Server admin Full settings
  3. I remember seeing a post where a guy had good success integrating this mod into Darkness Falls and other overhaul mods. Is there anything confirmed that says these mods are very compatible client and server side? EDIT: Here is one of those posts regarding Darkness Falls... for the record, Khaine himself says usually it's not supported but the poster seems to have it working since he can spawn the zombies in debug, just needs help editing the right XML setting.
  4. Hello, I'm a vet 7D2D player looking to play with others on a modded server. I've gotten used to some mods in my single player (Day 260, Warrior Difficulty, 16 zombies per) and I'd love it if the server had these mods included. Mods: Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies - A Mod that makes the game harder like Snufkin's mod or even Darkness Falls is a must. Riles-HUDPlus1.07 - A mod that greatly cleans up and simplifies the HUD Bdubs Vehicles - A mod that adds more custom vehicles CustomPerksv3.1 - A mod with another Perk system built in for more player customization. Not a must but nice to have. PhD Better Lights 3.3 (A19) PhD Bigger Crafting Queue x 10 1.3 (A19) PhD Bigger Forge Input 1.0 (A19) PhD Food_Water 2.1 x 5 (A19) The PhD suite of mods are designed for better QoL. Better lights adds more lights that can be crafted in the game (look brighter too). Bigger Crafting Queue and Forge input increases the queue and Input size, and Food and Water multiples the hunger/thirst rate either 2.5 times or 5 times so you actually have to eat a realistic amount in-game. Doughphunghus' Buff Infection - Increases the rate Infections occur/progress so you actually need antibiotics more. Again, makes the game harder. The next 3 aren't needed but nice to have: Blessed Metal Mod Super Auger Weed Whacker
  5. Decided to try another vid, this time with Double Blade traps, the Turret Auger and the Robotic Sledge. Results are mixed... I did get footage of the Robotic sledge with the Fire/Blessed Metal mod sending Snufkin zombos flying 😁
  6. This thing is so effing massive... trying to find a good place to place it (preferably in the Green Biome)
  7. This was hard as Hell for me to put in the game, but I realized the Y-Axis offset was the key to putting it at ground level. Dunno if there was an easier way (not experienced in the World Editor), but I Shift + G till I saw the axis points and dragged it down 33 times. Unfortunately the offset was actually -34, but I was like "eff it, don't care that it's one block above ground level". This really is a fantastic mod and I plan to go underground later tonight, thank you so much for sharing this to the community!
  8. I tried Alloc but unfortunately it's only server side, but I did find a thread which helped me fix the issue, thanks goto Worrun Yep, after checking the region I wanted to use I deleted that region from my prefabs (resetting that map of the map) and when it reloaded, it loaded with the edits I made in World Editor. I managed to fix it yesterday, thank you for the suggestions!
  9. I could use some help... I'm trying to import the Eden Center Mall prefab into my saved game; the problem is I can't load it into an Region I've already discovered and I've pretty much searched the whole map. The only way I can add it in my save is to delete the Region file (r.X.X.Xrg file in the Region folder) the area I want to place the Prefab is in, but I don't exactly know the location. Would anyone be able to help me find what region files this area corresponds to so I can delete them? It's just west of Diersville I believe.
  10. Is there a weight dynamic to the Snufkin zombies? On Horde Night I tried some of the Snufkin Weapons on them, namely the TurretAuger and a Robotic Sledge with Fire mod and Blessed Metal mod (extra damage to undead). The automated Turret Auger worked well as long as you confine Snufkin zombies to a spot, but the Sledge ... holy crap these dudes FLEW when they got hit by it. It's like the Undertaker and the Parasite got hit by a 16-ton semi truck!
  11. wasn't appearing there either, did a fresh install and it seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for the reply!
  12. I don't even get that setting, it shows as 60 so something is off in the way I installed it. Redoing it fresh now.
  13. How should the setting be for this? Don't quite understand this part. Did everything else and it loads but Daylight length is still 18 hours.
  14. Was this the Day 7 (first) horde? What level is the game and how many zombies per horde (16) ? Which mod are you using, Snukfin Party or the default mod?
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