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  1. Guessing you have a junk antivirus?
  2. With my limited understanding, I'm going to guess it's that the mesh file for the nailgun(this mod uses the default nailgun mesh) doesn't have some value to add a light to it. I was able to figure out how to change the mod's mesh to the handgun, and then the light worked fine(once I corrected the values for the offset, of course).
  3. Quick question from a noob to modding... When testing placement, do I need to completely exit the game and restart it any time I change the file, or do I just exit to main menu and reload the save? So far I'm not getting anywhere. Here's what I've tried so far: <item_property_overrides name="PhDNailgun"> <property name="SideOffset" value=".037,-.1,.16"/> <property name="SideScale" value="1,1,1"/> <property name="SideRotation" value="0,0,20"/> </item_property_overrides> Copied the existing code from the rocket launcher and been trying to modify the offset values, but so far I'm getting no light showing on the nailgun at all.
  4. How can I add the weapon light mod to a modified nailgun? This is a nailgun modified to repair/harvest blocks very quickly, and I'd like to add a flashlight to it for nighttime harvesting. It already accepts weapon/tool mods, but the light mod doesn't actually seem to do anything...
  5. With so many things to craft now, I'd like to see some kind of overhaul for better organization. Maybe something like under weapons there's a subsection for each type of weapon(pistols/batons/etc) that would show all the ones you can craft of that type, along with whichever kind of ammo they use(if applicable). Same thing could go for clothing/armor types. I dunno. Just wish there were a better way of organizing the crafting lists.
  6. Well I managed to fix and get a generated map with no(that I've discovered) sunken buildings. Only issue I have now is some "ghosting" for buildings sometimes. I'll come to a mission target or sometimes even my base and there will be phantom blocks. Luckily, this is fixed by just backing out to the main menu and reloading. I'm assuming it's because I tweaked the speed of my motorcycle and now drive too fast for things to load properly. Is there a faster way besides reloading my save to fix this effect? EDIT: I, too, would like to request an option for an unbroken highway system.
  7. Is NitroGen not being updated for 19.2 the reason I got a LOT of sunken buildings in the map I generated?
  8. I think this is the right code. Just copy it and paste it into the prefablist.txt, replacing everything in it.
  9. Did you do the opposite of what I did and forgot to change back the prefablist.txt to Vanilla?
  10. I figured out what I did, and I'm an idiot. I had copied and pasted the CompoPack temporary workaround, but didn't install the actual prefabs. Really shouldn't try to mod stuff when I'm sleep-deprived.
  11. It seems like the only POI it generates for me are bus stops...
  12. Is the reason I'm not getting buildings spawning in due to the mod not being updated for 19.2? Or am I just missing a setting(I left almost everything in the generator default other than adding highways)?
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