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  1. I don’t know what happened but I started another new game and it started working! Thank you all for the help I really appreciate it!
  2. I might just be screwed with my game. I cleared the data which I thought was going to help but I'm still getting the NO TRADER message.
  3. Whelp I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it didn't do anything. katarynna thank you! im going to try that! I was using the map that was on there I'm assuming that's why it wasn't working. I'll try clearing the data and see if that works!
  4. I don't know what Nitrogen is I'm sorry.
  5. So that didn't work. I made a new game and it did the same thing. I'm not sure what's happening
  6. I’ll try that. I’m using the South Nefule County map.
  7. Hey guys so this is my first time playing in months and it just updated to Alpha 19.2 b4. I just got to the last part of the tutorial where you find the trader and it says in all yellow caps NO TRADER. Any idea if that's a bug or how to fix it?
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