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  1. I usually get around 60-100 fps on medium, i already tried the lowest settings but i'll try changing the resolution later as well. I didn't pay much attention but it usually happened when opening inventory, talking to a trader and such (I THINK). I was able to play vanilla multiplayer without any problems. Also, we already tried p2p and lan as well, both without success tho.
  2. I already tried a lot of solutions,also I removed everything 7d2d related and reinstalled it and i was able to play for a day without it kicking me. It started kicking me the next day again tho. Reinstalling everything didnt help this time.I always get a huge freeze before it disconnects me, I also get this freeze at the same time interval in singleplayer but it doesnt kick me. It's always 20-30 minutes no more no less.
  3. I'm trying to play the War of the Walkers v8 mod on a dedicated server with friends. The server is getting hosted by a friend as well. Everything works fine till i get a timeout after playing for about 20-30 minutes. This does not happen to the others Here's my log: https://pastebin.com/8VKvYauu
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