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  1. Whats the best way or place to find treasure maps?
  2. We just survived night 70. The main entrance took a lot of damage and about 10-12 demolition zombies costed us several blocks and undermind the whole entrance area. There is now a cave about 10 blocks deep and a hole directly into above mentioned tunnels. They still didnt stand a chance and after rebuilding and refilling the hole plus installing some extra blade traps, we should be gould for the next night.
  3. The castle looks great... how did you built it? (sry if explained in the vid, dont have sound right now)
  4. Nice idea, put it in the wish list section!
  5. If you set up a bed as respawn point and later on put a sleeping bag somewhere else, it would be nice if the bed becomes the respawn point again as soon as you pick up the sleeping bag. Atm every respawn point deletes prior respawn points and if you pick up or destroy your respawn point you just have none....
  6. I maxed Lucky Looter Skill and enjoy digging up treasure chests. I have the loot goggles (+4) but I never ever found any candy anywhere... where do I find it???
  7. Thanks for the input. I will consider this for bookshelves.
  8. We play with 6-7 ppl on a server and we have built a tunnelcave into a mountain (Which is now gone because the zombies went through it) but we have a huge bunker with one entrance where all the zombies come in... we sit in a cage above and kill the incoming hordes while they fight through blade trapse, electric fences and spikes. when they get past stage 1 they have two smaller tunnels to reach the end of the bunker cave and we can shoot them all the time through metal bars in the ground of our cage. we also use turrets and of course shoot as many as we can... so far they never reached the end of the tunnel and damaged only the first stage of blade traps.... its night 70 coming up.... feels pretty save at the moment.....
  9. Is the respawn still like this? Does it respawn faster if you leave some trash in the lootbox? Is it adjustable? The admin of my server said to please never leave any loot behind, rather throw it to the ground, because stuff wouldnt respawn otherwise...... And also... does it mean that you need to go near the lootbox to restart the counter or really open the lootbox (why would you open an empty lootbox?)
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