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  1. one more question: I tried yesterday the traps. All traps activated via trip wires. - blade trap works well - el. fence worked, i got shoked but didnt got any damage. Why? - dart traps makes "some noise / sound" like got activated, But they didnt shot anything. what is going on here? do I wire them wrong or do the traps (only blades works well) do the damage only on enemies? Why does them not hurt me?
  2. TY @Diragor. One more clarification: I mean, shapes like half block or wedge (hm, difficult to explain direction) could stop the darts or pass them through. I dont know. How does it work? Does the damage come from debuff, not from the wires? Wires only cause the debuff? How is it to understand with the"chance of shockingis is higher with multiple electric fences"? I thought there is not a chance, but it is sure they will be shocked. Please explain the mechanic. One more question to dart traps: I have two dart traps, opposite direction. Zeds goes through between the both. If one projectile / dart dont hit the Z, flies further in the opposite dart trap: does it hurt the trap or will be "caught" by the trap? TY
  3. Hi, I have some questions about traps (all stuff a19 vanilla). Blade traps: - multiple damage: if i stack two (or more) blade traps to shredder Z's, all the damage is applied? Dart Traps: - multiple damage: I saw vids with stacked traps, so I think all the damage is applied - darts projectile collision: darts seem to shoot through "air gaps" in blocks like arrows and guns. Do the shoot through blade traps? Do the traps shoot the darts exactly in the middle of block? Have the projectile any radius? Does the traps shoot strait / in line like guns or have is some ballistics like arrows? electric fence: - multiple damage: does multiple wires damage the same Z multiple or once? - damage to multiple objects: does ONE wire damage multiple Z's same as one Z?
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