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  1. one more question: I tried yesterday the traps. All traps activated via trip wires. - blade trap works well - el. fence worked, i got shoked but didnt got any damage. Why? - dart traps makes "some noise / sound" like got activated, But they didnt shot anything. what is going on here? do I wire them wrong or do the traps (only blades works well) do the damage only on enemies? Why does them not hurt me?
  2. TY @Diragor. One more clarification: I mean, shapes like half block or wedge (hm, difficult to explain direction) could stop the darts or pass them through. I dont know. How does it work? Does the damage come from debuff, not from the wires? Wires only cause the debuff? How is it to understand with the"chance of shockingis is higher with multiple electric fences"? I thought there is not a chance, but it is sure they will be shocked. Please explain the mechanic. One more question to dart traps: I have two dart traps, opposite direction. Z
  3. Hi, I have some questions about traps (all stuff a19 vanilla). Blade traps: - multiple damage: if i stack two (or more) blade traps to shredder Z's, all the damage is applied? Dart Traps: - multiple damage: I saw vids with stacked traps, so I think all the damage is applied - darts projectile collision: darts seem to shoot through "air gaps" in blocks like arrows and guns. Do the shoot through blade traps? Do the traps shoot the darts exactly in the middle of block? Have the projectile any radius? Does the traps shoot strait / in line like
  4. TY, can AI path upwards the ugly stairs construction?
  5. Yes, diagonal support pole would be fine. I experimentet a bit with other blocks, it all looks weird. Here is an example of "stairs" and "stairs corner", see attachment. Its ugly and it is way to wide. To wide to use it as controlled horde path. I want use it for my base. So, which other blocks can I use to make a diagonal path less ugly and less wide?
  6. Hi, Im looking for buid ways (walking) on the corner. Corner / edge of a square. Look at the image: i have here ramp to the sides of a square (block). But I want some ramp up to the corner. I mean I saw this in A15, but didnt find it now. TY
  7. Ty, @doughphunghus. I want a base desing with controlled spot of loot bags and corpses (the dogs can be harvestet). So I search for all the ways how they (bags and corpses) can be moved around. I know they falll down. I know if they are NOT lying, they roll those 45° corner down. I know they dont swim up. But not many facts more. I can spawn zombies to kill and "create" corpses for my test, but I cant spawn the bags. So I also ask for a "cheat" or an other way to spawn the bags for my tests.
  8. Hi. I'm trying to build my next base. One of the main focuses is to understand the physics behind the moving (rolling or water "swimming") of corpses and the backpacks the zombies drops on death. The backpacs drops are rare so I look for a cheat to make my tests better. Is there a way to move corpses or the backpacks up? I try different things with the bridges but have no good results. I have to to try some explosives to shoot them up... TY, Geizkragen
  9. Hello. As the title says, the inventory system we have is usual in gaming. We are bound to "objects" no matter what the objects are. Apples, sandcorns or planes - all would took one place in our inventory. So The question is, is it possible to "deactivate" some inventory slots? So if i took a 4x4, half of my inventory is blocked. Or other solution, if I take a 4x4, i get 15 "empty items" too in my backpack blocking 15 itemslots in my inventory. Is this possible with existing game mechanics? is there a mod making something like this? Is this idea just crap and I should forge
  10. TY all for replying. I waited before answering in the hope someone will post something besides usual mods like "create 5 more foods, vanilla mechanic". So one way I could imagine more "creative" way to make something, will use 3 in game mechanics. - First, the use for mods-slots like weapons or tools - but for the ingridients. - Second, the use of "groups" of items. So we dont use an item as ingridient, but ANY item of the group. - Third, creating the item with adjustable properties. Like looted tools / wepons have different durability. An example: we
  11. Hello everyone. Not sure im in the right forum, so sorry if not. Im love some unque aspects of the game, like fully destructible map or structure integrity. The world is amazing, very realistic and force me to try new things out. its most custom and realistic world i know in my gaming. Killing Enemies is not absolute cusom but there are plenty of possibilities. But the items in the world are the opposite ot that philosofy. The items are static and dont let me "play" with it. They are here, I can use it as it is or avoid them to use. Nothing more. No customizing, no "cre
  12. ty for the answer. can you modify your blade before attaching to the weapon? plz gimme link to try out
  13. this game lives from mods / modlets. Is it possible to implement a way for modificating [weapon] mods? Example: I have a spear. I have a mod for a spearhead like stone spearhed, iron spearhead etc. I want modify the "stone spearhead" like "toothed stone spearhead", "sharp stone spearhead", harpoon stone spearhead" etc. Sooo..... Is it possible to implement the feature "modifying mods" at least for use in modlets? TY
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