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  1. The update is great except the destruction of work tables. I broke my best table thinking I could bring it with me, now I lost it and have to grind AGAIN for a new table(s). It was pleasant to have these things to bring along as it were a massive grind to make these. Now it makes the mod a bit more repetitive. Personally, 'I' and some people on my server would like to suggest to have it reversed if possible?
  2. I mean, I am obviously asking to see if there's a way to include the said mod in a way. (I am not a scripting/coding god, so its like asking if there's a simple edit.) But i've long gotten rid of it seeing there wasn't a response.
  3. I'm also running the Bdub's vehicle mod, though. Its entirely broken due to the fuel system. Is there a way to enable these vehicles for this mod? So that they can be fueled? Otherwise i'll have to get rid of it.
  4. It was indeed placed down. But it seems like I have a VERY outdated version of this mod from a other website. The website was "https://7daystodiemods.com/subquakes-undead-legacy/" this. Updating now, so do excuse me for these 'reports' i made about bugs and issues.
  5. Orange SUV when repaired is not orange, but some odd black texture. PS: Nevermind. Seems like most SUV's don't have their supposed color texture, only the pink and green SUV works. But this might be due to the horde night as i am testing it at one right now. PS 2: Not because of the horde night, most SUV's colors seem broken.
  6. Yeah figured that out a few hours later from that message. Still thanks though. Also, yeah. All vanilla perks are gone and replaced. Thats kind of wack actually. These are almost quite PVP based.
  7. I've noticed that not all skills are present, have the vanilla skills been removed or something? Because Grease Monkey isn't in there anymore. Edit: Also, how do you get research data?
  8. My PC is quite decent actually. It runs 7 days to die perfectly, it just @%$#s its own pants when using the crafting tab. The issue is that the game loads up ALL crafting options in one go. Which causes the lag. I am not entirely sure what you mean with the recipe filter though. And I am just saying regarding the steam issue, that most mods tend to work through out steam. Though I don't understand what you mean with "You should never install mods over the steam copy of the game. Always make a copy of vanilla, then apply the mod to the copy of the game."? Mods are installe
  9. BUG: Can't launch the game through steam with the mod loaded in. Also. Pressing TAB for the crafting menu causes mass lag due to items being loaded in at the same time on the crafting side. Game freezes up when you move items in your inventory. As it loads crafting options on the left. I prevent this by sticking to the 'favorite' tag. Which doesn't allow items to load in at mass amounts when you open crafting menu. It feels very unstable on that end. Due to the endless inventory slots. It would be great to have 'page' like UI for the crafting menu side to preven
  10. Nevermind, i managed to fix it. Was a another mod. Still can't launch it through steam though.
  11. I've installed the mod but, when i die. The game doesn't allow me to respawn. It keeps me dead. No options given to respawn. You can't start the game via steam either.
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