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  1. I agree the drone repairs implement would be a good idea although it takes away its ability to fight or heal there could be another flight device or something just something to help with repairs cause if you have a big bace with main points that get overwhelmed you need something to help with that
  2. You could have one machine and you could hook up cords or something like power to multiple blocks and you could hook up more blocks when you upgrade intellect and it would be quite a bit slower than player repairing
  3. You still have to find materials for the machine to work and they could make it so it only repairs certain blocks and not that often just enough so that it can be useful
  4. The devs should add an item that you can get like a generator that you can put down and hook up to block and if you put the Material that that block needs to repair inside the Machine then every time the block get below a certain durability or every so often the Machine should automatically repair the block I think this is a very good idea that the devs could add and it could open up a world of opportunity
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