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  1. or maybe give traders tip , which makes them restock faster and give beter loot
  2. Hello Recently I started fun challange by myself making horde night every night, 300% more exp , air drops everyday, and 200% more loot, but have to change horde night every 2 days, because repairing takes too long and you dont have time to go loot. I noticed there is no option in settings where you can change trader loot restock, I know there is mod which lets you to change that traders restock every day, but I prefer only vanilla game. Second thing, in my other world I have more than 1 million duke tokens and I cant spend them because traders dont have much what I need. I think traders
  3. Yes, for 7 years I believe good to know that there is a way to continue old save
  4. Hey Fun Pimps and other people who will read this! I have few suggestions which will make game more fun to play, because playing for a long time looting same houses is geting little booring to me. Each city has multiple same houses that I have looted before, just by runing in, I can tell where main loot is hiding. I suggest to change some things in the same looking houses, maybe main loot hiding in diferent room and rooms painted diferent. We need more different houses, maybe some of new houses you can only see in diferent biomes. This game is full of secrets and we need more, I love looking
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