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  1. I don't know what item I got the duct tape from next playthrough, but it was at the STARTING location, where there's a house, mailbox, car, and some crap lying around the car. There's a few locations like that. Take it up with that. And while it's fuzzy in my memory, it's possible I was given glue, and considered that duct-tape in my rant, because it's the same damned thing. 1:1 glue:duct-tape with some cloth which is easy to find. But thanks for clarifying why that loot wasn't dropped by loot bags, but usually Duct Tape is discoverable at a trader, wasn't able to find them in two traders, even with restock set to 3 days. Also, the random crap lying around that you pick through when travelling. I think you're a little confused. 7days FORCES you to do CERTAIN things to progress. That's the opposite of a sandbox. ARK is still (sadly) king of Sandbox games, you can get to end game eating your own crap in that game if you play it right. It literally has 1001 playstyles. 7 days, not so much, and has a VERY LINEAR progression tree, as was just further evidenced by Colony Founder. It's still fun, but what I want is MORE FREEDOM to do MORE THINGS. Not less, or have it be "easier". In ARK I can pump-up my O2 attribute, swim hella fast, recharge stamina with a chair, and defeat people with a primitive bow and escape into the ocean where they CAN'T follow because they skilled-up .... strength and melee let's say. Or I can pump-skills into running and outrun everyone and murder people/dinos from a parachute. Can you do that in 7days? No, because I need to get a forge and the paths to get it are limited and the same for everyone else. Different games, different feels, etc., but I'm not in the wrong here. It's frustrating to have to do things a CERTAIN way. I'm used to having more latitude, not less.
  2. This is awesome. I can change the 5 to a 500 and upgrade one block to make "remap" games when I want to try different skill sets hahah. My take on upgrade XP is it is OP early game but balances out middle game.
  3. It would be amazing if there was a way to do blood moon but with an agility/sneak build. The idea would be that the horde still homes in on you, but that they can't track you the last few meters/10meters or so. The AI would be specially coded though so that if there's no direct path to the player, the AI knows this and demolishes a path to you. So while the sneak would obviously work, hiding in a bunker sneaking will still get your bunker attacked until there is an open path to you, then the AI would follow the open path and begin "searching" for where you are. I'd like this to be viable so that there are more creative base options. Right now I feel like there's a large variety of creative bases but they are all designed to maximize kills and loop zombie runs. The sneak option would allow me to build a maze, designed to fan-out the zombies into many corridors as they search for me, so I can go around making sneak-kills.
  4. I want to note the extreme irony that in a 3rd playthrough I got 2 hammers from loot bags. In fact I'm getting a LOT of loot now. Leading me to wonder if there is a *BUG* with loot progression, particularly zombie loot bags. Possibly with 0 deaths. Because that would make sense if somehow loot is calculated using deaths as a denominator to some difficulty weight? Because I got NOTHING like the loot last night from my *perfect game* at 0 deaths. I got complete trash and thought holy hell...they made insane really hard and grindy
  5. It does apply because my NEW play through. The stupid trader has a forge RUINING the entire progression. Too random. Dumb. Bad RNG I don't want the game easier. I want it not completely stupid random. You see what I'm saying? I dont want to lose a 7 hour game because no duct tape. Only to be given enough duct tape from a mailbox at lvl1 and a working forge. That is stupid.
  6. And you need duct tape to make duct tape. It's kind of stupid actually. If the game is going to require you to create a chicken before you get a egg...it might as well give you the chicken when the Game Stage is high enough. It totally RUINS the game that you can go 7 hours and not get a cooking pot...or just get duct tape to drop. Current game I got a ton of duct tape first mail box I opened. Lvl1 The randomness is seriously stupid. It's not fun starting a game and it can be a complete piece of trash or way too easy. Neither outcome are fun
  7. It's insane-nightmare. Dunno. But the opportunity to just wander into a kitchen is much more difficult. Regardless. The game shouldn't force you to have to enter POIs. I got over 20 loot bags. Drop some F-ing duct tape
  8. No. Wasn't the iron man. This was my horde every night play through. And it's seriously annoying that 7 hours into the game and still no duct tape.
  9. Seriously 2 of my hardest pay throughs have been ruined by bad RNG. Its NOT FUN when you're level 30, 0 deaths, day 7, 400+ zombie kills and you STILL havent found any duct tape or beakers to make duct tape. That seriously ruined my game goals when the zombies just got too powerful to fix my base with an axe. It shouldn't he hard to flag f-ing gd-damn important items for game progression so they definitely drop in a fing loot bag or the next available loot.
  10. Good point. Augers raining from the sky must be a minority desire of customers
  11. I also like the idea of a swamp biome. The ambience would be amazing. And chest high water. You're always wet.
  12. I tried this style of play and it's tough as hell lol
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/app/22380/discussions/0/648813576148197714/ Seems to be common enough and solved by running as admin.
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