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  1. Oh got you. I just realized you said it was YouTube TOS. I wasn't aware of that either. None the less, I'll watch that from here on out. Thank you for giving me a heads up I appreciate it!
  2. Hey my apologies on that! I was not aware. I'm not sure how to edit my topic and change that but please disregard and I'll be sure to never let that happen again! I was just offering a friendly introduction. I do apologize and I will take some time to read through the rules.
  3. Ok thank you. Sorry if I missed an informational section about this. I am new to this forum and haven't done much searching around. I appreciate it.
  4. I know TFP recently bought back the dev rights to console. Will any updates be coming to console so we can play as close to pc as possible? Or will I need to just switch! I'm an aspiring content Creator and I want to give my viewers the full effect. Currently playing on ps4 Any input is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello 7DTD community! Hope everyone is doing well and having a good day. I just submitted my request to become a content Creator hoping I get approved. I'm not sure of the criteria to meet but I have my YouTube channel with just under 400 subs. I do not cut/edit my videos as I do live streams directly to YouTube. Me and the wife (Carla) play together. She is the one that introduced me to the game a bit over a year ago and I fell in love hardcore! We play on ps4 (for now) we are currently seeking a good pc for the wife to run 7DTD, I already posses one but I will not s
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