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  1. OMG it worked wooooooooo. Thank you all for the help
  2. it starts to generate using seed bla bla bla. one click on screen and it says 7days to die has stoped responding
  3. seed name doesn't change anything and i have deleted every single file from the game multiple times still nothing
  4. Hi. I cant generate a random world. Ever played only SP. Only possible to play navezgane and pregen worlds. I have validated the files on steam multiple times, reinstalled the game and even windows. Im trying to paste the logs in pastebin and justpaste but its not working only opening a new tab. Please help and thank you.
  5. @Beelzybub Ive done that about 15 times now, plus reinstalled the game, reinstalled windows. Nothing works. Tried again. Still shows the image in the first post for a brief second then closes the game.
  6. @Jugginator Updated drivers just now with intel assistant, still cant go in the game. And like a month and a bit ago when i was playing a19 exp i used lowest graphics and it was running ok (by that i mean roughly 20 fps). And i have never used EAC.
  7. I dont know what is a crash dump but here is the output logs and dxdiag. output_log__2020-10-24__19-45-04.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-45-20.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-45-40.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-46-00.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-46-51.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-48-55.txt output_log__2020-10-17__12-25-27.txt output_log__2020-10-19__18-29-20.txt output_log__2020-10-24__15-55-46.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-19-15.txt output_log__2020-10-24__19-44-20.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. Hi. I cant go in to the game. And when i start it from steam or app it shows this image. A while ago i could go in game but wasn't able to create and play a rw only navezgane and pregen1..2..3 Would love to get some help. Haven't been able to play the game since a19 release.
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