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  1. i have been using SMXUI for a while...thats not what i was meaning...what i was meaning is how do i know that your mods are working...the DMT mods. i do not use Clear UI.
  2. oh ok good to know thank you. on another note...i am also using SMXUI. how would i know that your mods are working? would there be anything different about the start game? in the first look...i dont see anything different about things. before i got rid of the tower mod the first quest was "Show your worth" but now it is just the normal quests. Thanks again
  3. lol WOW...cool ok. thank you so much do you plan on fixing that in the future? great work by the way
  4. hmm. well im not sure how to tell...the one here https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.ModsA19 builds fine without errors but it just doesnt spawn in any grass or trees. any recommendation for that? thank you
  5. 1|Clearing temp folder Parsing arguments Running BackupFiles Backup dll found: C:\Users\Puppy\Downloads\DMTv2.2.7569.26209/Backups/SP/19.1b8/Assembly-CSharp.dll Running DeployDlls Deploying DLLs Running LocalisationPatch Localisation no longer handled in DMT after A17 Running InitialPatchTask Compiling Roslyn Scripts assembly for InitialPatch... Built patch file in 0ms PatchMods compile successful Found patcher mods: 3 Hooking harmony Hooking console commands Running CreateModDll Compiling Mods.dll... Compiling Roslyn Scripts assembly for InitialPatch...
  6. 19.2, it builds with no errors but once in the world there is no grass & no trees. I did try the https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.Mods/tree/Alpha19experimental but it doesnt work. i just keep getting errors when i click on build. what could be the issue with this?
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